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Atelier Lina ~Alchemist of Strahl~ OST
Catalog Number: KDSD-10042
Released On: December 16, 2009
Composed By: Daisuke Achiwa, Ken Nakagawa, Toshiharu Yamanishi
Arranged By: Daisuke Achiwa, Ken Nakagawa, Toshiharu Yamanishi
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: D-Sound
Format: 1 CD
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01 - Flora
02 - Girl of the Summer Breeze (Vocal Version)
03 - Today We Also Have a Nice Weather
04 - Observation Diary
05 - We're in Trouble!
06 - Sprout
07 - Pretty Green
08 - Girl of the Summer Breeze
09 - The City of the Sun
10 - Healing Forest
11 - Cyclone
12 - Going Full Speed Through the Victory Highway!
13 - Happy News
14 - I Did It!
15 - The Student City
16 - Noisy Game!
17 - Small Success!
18 - Great Success!
19 - Out of Question!
20 - A Swift Horse Running Over the Hills
21 - An Adventurer's Song
22 - Rank Up!
23 - Waltz of the Crickets
24 - Bringing the Top Down
25 - Founding Romance
26 - Did you Have a Torch?
27 - One Thing After Other!
28 - Intruder
29 - Beetle Boogie
30 - Mountain Peak Shrouded in Mist
31 - If Tomorrow has a Clear Sky
32 - Moment for a Prayer
33 - The Whispering of the Crystals
34 - Rondo of the Harbor
35 - Inviting the Waves
36 - Acorn March
37 - Foolish Polka
38 - Sand Tomb
39 - Critical Situation
40 - Annihilator
41 - Monument of Oblivion
42 - Droplets of Feelings
43 - At the Base of the Great Tree
44 - Letter of the Dead Leaves
45 - Alchemist of Strahl
46 - Green Present
47 - Windy
48 - I'm Working Right Now!
49 - Baumkuchen
50 - Citrus
51 - Atelier Rorona
52 - Movie [Can I do it?]
53 - Movie [The Revived Greenness]
~Bonus Tracks~
54 - Flora (Off Vocal)
55 - Windy (Off Vocal)
Total Time:

It's official. I've lost interest in Gust Sound Team.

I first found interest in 2005 when I discovered the beautiful Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ soundtrack. I worked backwards and found a few other gems (particularly, Viorate and Elie). And as time went forward, there were many great soundtracks released in the official "Atelier" series, as well as the Ar tonelico series. But the quality dwindled, slowly but surely, over time.

For me, Atelier Lina (another DS game in the series) is a definitive point. I will continue to check out the soundtracks in the series, but the quality has been so consistently "down" over the past two years that I just don't care anymore. Between this, Rorona (officially the 10th game in the Atelier series), and Ar tonelico III, I'm done. I can't bring myself to get excited about it anymore.

Lina brings back together Nakagawa and Achiwa, the two staple composers at Gust. The two of them have split to take on different projects, and that has, in my opinion, resulted in a lack of variety and lack of depth. Bringing them back together gave me hope that this DS soundtrack would be, at the very least, a jump up in quality from recent outings.

It's not.

The saddest part of all is that I found the most joy in hearing the few tracks from Atelier Marie on this soundtrack. Marie music, written by Toshiharu Yamanishi, appears in most of the Atelier games. In many ways, I'm tired of it. But it was like an old friend when I heard it near the end of the disc. After all this derivative boredom I heard on the Lina OST, that simply cannot touch the first Ar tonelico, or the two (proper) Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ soundtracks, I needed a change of pace.

The vocal tracks are some of the weakest I've heard in the series. The instrumental stuff, even the key tracks ("The City of the Sun," "Cyclone," etc) bored me. Are the composers just getting lazy? Are they burned out? If so, Gust needs to give them a break so they can come back strong. Until then, I guess I'll have to continue expecting mediocre quality.

Next in line after this soundtrack is a remake of the Atelier Judie OST (which, I'm hoping, still sounds as good as it did a decade ago) and then Atelier Totorie, which will probably have more music in the style of Rorona. After listening to the Lina soundtrack a few times, I can happily forget about those other soundtracks until such a time that I feel I should report how they sound: objectively, and with no desire or expectation to find something remarkable.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann