Atelier Lise ~Alchemist of O'ldor~ OST Premium Pack

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Catalog Number: KDSD-10021~3
Released On: March 21, 2007
Composed By: Eri Arakawa, Miyoko Takaoka, Akira Tsuchiya, Toshiharu Yamanishi
Arranged By: Akira Tsuchiya, Miyoko Takaoka, Eri Arakawa, Akihiro Jyuichiya
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 3 CDs
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Disc One
Atelier Lise ~Alchemist of O'ldor~
01 - Treasure
02 - Ok! Let's Begin ☆
03 - Sparkling ☆ Atelier
04 - The Princess is an Alchemist
05 - A Nap in the Library
06 - Steadfast Bonds
07 - Afternoon Tea Time
08 - Let's Pray
09 - The Royal Castle Throne Room
10 - The Great Sage
11 - Pop Shuffle
12 - Wind Cutter
13 - The Fairy's Parade
14 - The Morning Glow
15 - A Beach Resort Feeling
16 - Looking Up at the Magnificent Waterfall
17 - Breath of Antiquity
18 - Embraced in the Bosom of Nature
19 - The Dying Earth
20 - An Epic Battle for Fast Money
21 - Today is the Fair
22 - Defiance to the Challenge
23 - Wow!
24 - Isn't it Strange?
25 - Surely So Many Tears...
26 - Yikes!?
27 - I'm Shocked!
28 - Heart-Pounding Tension
29 - A Solemn Moment
30 - Knife Edge
31 - Fragments of Memories
32 - Open the Music Box
33 - We'll Meet Again on that Hill
34 - Carried in the Spring Breeze
35 - Jewelry Box of Happiness
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Disc Two
Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis ~Message from the Gentle Breeze~
01 - Alchemic Fantasia
02 - Bookmark of a Fallen Leaf
03 - Marie is Working!
04 - Elie is Working!
05 - Anis is Working!
06 - My Paradise
07 - Water Fountain in the Plaza
08 - Finding a Beech Tree Seed
09 - The Corner Alchemist
10 - Magical Waltz
11 - Seekers of the Truth
12 - While Whistling
13 - FLASH!
14 - I'm in the Mood to Go for a Walk!
15 - Fuente Caminar Eternia
16 - Beyond the Summit
17 - What was in the Results
18 - Valley of Snow, Moon, and Flowers
19 - Split Watermelon in Summer
20 - The Gallery of Distortion II
21 - Reverse Side Castle
22 - Dance of Beautiful Hair
23 - The Story of the Seagull Who Couldn't Fly 2
24 - Lakeside Castle Dream Journal
25 - Truth of the Sea
26 - A Little Wish
27 - I'm Patetto
28 - Lunch Box
29 - Even in Spite of That?
30 - Prelude of Sorrow
31 - The Sights of Summer
32 - How are You Today!
33 - Alchemy Girl Magical Anis
34 - That's Alchemy
35 - A Millionfold Happiness
36 - CRASH!
37 - Lunar Drops
38 - And the Couple is...
39 - The Light of Hope
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Disc Three
Alchemist Marie & Elie ~The Two Girls' Atelier~
01 - The Two Girls' Atelier
02 - Bookmark of a Fallen Leaf
03 - I'm Working Right Now! Marie Chapter
04 - I'm Working Right Now! Elie Chapter
05 - I'm Working Right Now! Both Girls Chapter
06 - Comfortable Room ☆
07 - Water Fountain in the Plaza
08 - The Corner Alchemist
09 - Finding a Beech Tree Seed
10 - Magical Waltz
11 - Seekers of the Truth
12 - While Whistling
13 - Welcome to the Black Cat Group!
14 - Fuente Caminar Eternia
15 - Beyond the Summit
16 - Valley of Snow, Moon, and Flowers
17 - What is in the Results
18 - The Demon of 5th Avenue
19 - An Evil-doer
20 - An Invitation at 2 p.m.
21 - I'm in the Middle of Mixing Right Now!
22 - Surely It's There!
23 - The Sights of Summer
24 - Prelude of Sorrow
25 - A Serenade Called a Bond
26 - Significance and Value
27 - And the Couple is...
28 - Lunar Drops
29 - see you
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This three disc set of Atelier music covers the whole spectrum of handheld/portable Atelier gaming. The first disc was for a rather recent project, Atelier Lise (Nintendo DS). The second disc is for the GBA game "Atelier Marie, Elie, and Anis." The third disc covers music from "Atelier Elie and Marie" for the WSC (Wonder Swan Color), a Japan-only handheld platform.

The Atelier Lise soundtrack introduces two new composers to the Gust lineup: Eri Arakawa and Miyoko Takaoka. Though they attempt to imitate the stars of the Atelier music world (Achiwa, Nakagawa, Tsuchiya), it simply cannot be done. There are a couple of great tracks on the disc, and they may fool you into thinking it's "the real deal," but the rest of the album gives itself does the DS sound quality. I respect these two composers for attempting the difficult job of putting awesome, rhythmic, Atelier-style music into a Nintendo DS. The soundtrack is good, but easily forgotten.

The second disc is by far the worst of the three. Though the music mostly comes from the old Marie and Elie games, the GBA synth simply does not work here. I think that, with the right sound manipulators behind the project, it could have gone well. But simply downgrading the synth tracks from PlayStation to GBA was a bad move, and that seems to be what happened here. There are a few new tracks on this album, thanks to the appearance of a third alchemist, "Anis." And, though I generally dislike this disc, some tracks did work out well. I was pleased with the way "CRASH!" turned out, for instance.

But then comes a surprise: disc three is good! This WSC game is actually a port/combination of the two Game Boy Color installments of Marie and Elie. And while Game Boy Color had graphical improvements over the original Game Boy, the sound was the exact same, limited to three channels of audio. Now, this music isn't a direct port of the GBC audio files, but I believe they are close in nature, as the audio samples provided should demonstrate. And for old synth-junky audiophiles (like myself), this is heaven. To hear Atelier music arranged in such a manner is certainly a gift. Unfortunately, this disc is far shorter than the other two, coming in at a mere 40 minutes.

All three discs have a common strand: the music is downgraded to handhelds, so the strength of the composition has to outweigh the sound quality. The story is essentially the same for all three discs: there aren't enough solid compositions to keep the thing above water. I dare say this is especially the case for Lise, and it attempts to make up for this with (relatively) superior audio.

The Lise OST is available separately for purchase, but my line of thinking is this: if you're a die-hard enough fan to want to own the Lise OST (which isn't all that great), why not spring for the extras as well? Personally, I think disc three makes it all worthwhile, but to each his/her own I suppose.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann