Berwick Saga Orchestrations

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Catalog Number: SLPS-25496
Released On: May 26, 2005
Composed By: Hiroto Saitoh, Minako Seki
Arranged By: Hiroto Saitoh, Minako Seki
Published By: Enterbrain
Recorded At: Scitron Studio Sound Ship
Format: 1 CD

01 - Legend and Valor -Limited Version-
02 - Town of the Journey
03 - My Home Amidst the Sunlight Through the Trees
04 - Blazing War -Limited Version-
05 - Sound of the Rain
06 - After That...
07 - The Cloud of War
08 - Requiem
09 - Decision
10 - Pride of the Knights
11 - Under the Flag of Chinon
12 - Looking Up At the Sky
13 - To Tomorrow
Total Time:

Included in the limited release of the import PS2 title, Berwick Saga Orchestrations is housed in a nice DVD-size case with a classy, marbleized look. Though at first glance, it appears to be perhaps an arranged CD, the unfortunate news is that it is not. Most of the tracks are lifted directly from the OST, with the exact same synth, instrumentation and track time. There are a few 'Limited' versions of the songs, which are slightly enhanced or lengthened versions, or are medleys of two or more tracks.

It's a nice bonus, to be sure, and a beautiful package to look at, but don't spend too much looking for it. If you happen to buy the LE version of the game, then by all means enjoy this little sampler. But if you are on the hunt for a fine listen, look to the full three disc soundtrack instead.

Reviewed by: Connary