Berwick Saga ~Lazberia chronicle chapter 174~ Soundtrack

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Catalog Number: SCDC-00457~9
Released On: September 7, 2005
Composed By: Hiroto Saitoh, Minako Seki, 44.0, Hitomi Tachibana, Yousuke Yasui
Arranged By: Hiroto Saitoh, Minako Seki, 44.0, Hitomi Tachibana, Yousuke Yasui
Published By: Scitron Discs
Recorded At: Scitron Studio Sound Ship
Format: 3 CDs
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Disc One
01 - To Tomorrow
02 - Berwick Saga
03 - My Home Amidst the Sunlight Through the Trees
04 - Town of the Journey
05 - Eyes Forward
06 - Knights of the Plains
07 - Looming Crisis
08 - Man-to-Man Fight
09 - Burn the Heart
10 - A New Step
11 - After That...
12 - Shadow of Chaos
13 - Rough Soldiers
14 - After the Rain
15 - Warmth
16 - Plot
17 - A Swift Horse Running on the Battlefield
18 - Running Faster
19 - Heavy-Armored Troops
20 - Mutter
21 - Twilight
22 - Street Corner
23 - Reminiscence
24 - Crossroads
25 - Power of Darkness
26 - For Whose Sake
27 - Sprout
28 - Strummed Investigation
29 - Opened Door
30 - Sleeper's Breathing
31 - Advancing Waves
32 - Requiem
33 - Prelude of Battle
34 - Memories
35 - On the Other Side of the Street
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Catnap
02 - Ancient Oath
03 - Sorrow
04 - Sound of the Rain
05 - The Cloud of War
06 - Atonement
07 - Sanctuary
08 - Radiance of Glory
09 - Looking Up At the Sky
10 - In the Fog
11 - Comrades
12 - Yearning
13 - Disposition
14 - Resolution
15 - Threat
16 - Blue Flower
17 - Thunder
18 - A Water Drop of Time
19 - Velia's Prayer
20 - Hope's Visit
21 - Vester March
22 - The Wind Blows
23 - Silence
24 - Floating Tears
25 - Legend and Valor
Total Time:

Disc Three
01 - A Sunny Spot
02 - Victory or Defeat
03 - Lazberia
04 - An Undisciplined Face
05 - Ambition
06 - Winter Rose
07 - Departure to the Front
08 - Award Ceremony
09 - Celebratory Drink
10 - Folklore
11 - Decision
12 - Rest In That Heart
13 - Winds of the Plains
14 - Dawn
15 - Maiden of Selenia
16 - Premonition
17 - Pride of the Knights
18 - Crusade
19 - Desperate Fight
20 - Tragedy
21 - Destiny
22 - Triumphant Return
23 - Sword of Bravery
24 - Truth
25 - Under the Flag of Chinon
26 - The Bonds of Friendship
27 - Spread the Wings of Your Dreams
28 - A Flower Blooming In the Field
Total Time:

A few years ago, the Tear Ring Saga soundtrack was released quietly and without fanfare. I picked it up from a fellow reviewer and friend (that would be Ramza) when he sold it one day, and found myself enjoying it immensely. I would agree with his review; perhaps I would praise it even more. While it is slightly generic, it's also fresh, clean, and heartfelt, and really does have some amazing tunes that stretch boundaries. The ending vocal in particular struck me as a very nice song. More recently, the same staff went on to produce Berwick Saga, which is the next chapter in the Tear Ring Saga. And thus, the OST was released, and here we are.

The Berwick Saga soundtrack spans three CDs, and follows in the footsteps of its predecessor. I feel in some ways it is stronger, but is others weaker.

For example, let's start with the sound quality. The recording is much better, the instruments more defined, and the synth quality is far more realistic. Tear Ring Saga's quality was already quite high, so this is great news. Berwick also has more songs that are noteworthy than Tear Ring, and the songs are also given a chance to repeat. Many great OSTs have been ruined by non-looping tracks (FFIV, Suikoden IV) so many thanks to the publishers.

But on the downside, we have a total lack of a vocal theme. Normally, this wouldn't be such a big deal (and it still isn't) but seeing as Tear Ring, which is older, had an excellent vocal, it would seem natural for Berwick to have one. Also, and this is a minor problem and a matter of taste, but the packaging is inferior to Tear Ring's as well. While Tear Ring had a stylish, beautiful slate-blue liner with dark shades of blue and a very nice serif font, Berwick's is more generic. And there are still a fairly high number of filler songs; something which seems hard to avoid. I understand the need for short, unimportant songs in a production like this, so it's not really a problem, but it's jarring to hear a wonderful, melancholic tune, and then skip through a bunch of stupid ditties.

As for some individual tracks, 'Winter Rose' are 'Lazberia' are two beautiful tunes. 'Pride of the Knights' is very FF Tactics-esque, with searing strings and triumphant brass. The endings themes are all wonderful, and feature a particularly touching melody that runs throughout the soundtrack.

Really, the whole OST is at worst, decent; at best it is very good, very soothing, and very thrilling. It's a fine addition to any soundtrack collection, especially for fans of the tactical orchestral style.

Reviewed by: Connary


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