Blood of Bahamut OST

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Catalog Number: SQEX-10166
Released On: August 12, 2009
Composed By: Naoshi Mizuta
Arranged By: Naoshi Mizuta
Published By: Square Enix
Recorded At: Q/11A E07 Studio
Format: 1 CD
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01 - Blood of Bahamut
02 - Sturdy Being
03 - The Colossus Awakens
04 - The Colossus Giganto
05 - Time to Counterattack
06 - Tactics Completed!
07 - Seven Comrades
08 - Somebody to Protect
09 - The Offensive
10 - Tragedy
11 - The Silver Wolf Colossus
12 - Dawn of the Millennium
13 - A Reckless Battle
14 - Embers of Life
15 - Scorching Land
16 - The Pride of the Warrior Tribe
17 - Ferruol Ifrit
18 - At the End of the Battle
19 - Travelling Family
20 - The Colossus of the Assassin's Blade
21 - Ancient Memories
22 - Two Heroes
23 - Travel of Freedom
24 - The Ice Queen
25 - Tactics Accomplished!
26 - Legend
27 - Hidden Feelings
28 - Blood Guidance
29 - The Last Ordeal
30 - Promise
31 - The God Administrator of Purgatory
32 - Assemble Under This Flag
33 - To Trusted Friends
-Bonus Track-
34 - Blood of Bahamut Main Theme
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Let me give it to you in one word: underwhelming.

Now, for the longer version of the review.

Naoshi Mizuta has done nothing but Final Fantasy XI music for about eight years. And, in my opinion, he's done a great job in that role. I was excited to see him take on his first non-XI project. I knew it would happen eventually. The project chosen for him was Blood of Bahamut, a Nintendo DS Action RPG with a concept similar to Shadow of the Colossus: normal-sized people killing gargantuan creatures.

Though I wasn't enthralled by the game's concept (SotC with a Final Fantasy summoned-monsters skin), I was excited to hear Naoshi Mizuta try his hand at something new. Unfortunately, it seems the music serves to be mostly functional in purpose and scope, with very few exceptions. As such, I want to say, "this is nothing you haven't heard before." It sounds like an average, B-grade soundtrack for an RPG from SNES or PS1. The only pieces that really stood out to me were the opening theme, and a handful of battle/event themes that stood out to me. Those tracks that I found to be the best are also the ones sampled. So, what you hear from clicking the links on the tracklist is what I consider to be the cream of the crop. The rest is significantly less "creamy."

The production value of the music is really strong. For a DS soundtrack, all of the instrumentation (though it is synth) sounds very good. At some points, it is on par with the FFXI expansion soundtracks, but only in terms of the clarity and quality of audio. The melodies and harmonies composed by Mizuta do not have the same effect as virtually any other soundtrack he's written.

Mizuta has been announced as the composer for another DS RPG coming soon, "4 Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden." Let's hope that soundtrack fares better than Blood of Bahamut.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann