Breath of Fire IV OST
Catalog Number: CPCA-1043/4
Released On: May 24, 2000
Composed By: Yoshino Aoki (except 1-01, by Taro Iwashiro, and 2-21, by Maurice Ravel)
Arranged By: Yoshino Aoki
Published By: Suleputer
Recorded At: HARION
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Breath of Fire IV ~ Opening Animation ~
02 - Endings and Beginnings ~ Main Theme ~
03 - Run Straight
04 - The World Beneath Your Feet
05 - It's an Easy Win
06 - 2000 Treasure if You Win
07 - Relessed (Relaxed & Stressed)
08 - Endings and Beginnings
10 - Airily
11 - First Emperor
12 - Men of War
13 - Take the Winnings and Run
14 - A Warring God
15 - Tiny Village in the Desert
16 - Gotta Turn it Around, Gotta Turn Around
17 - Under Pressure
18 - Bastard Sword
19 - Working Today, Too
20 - Out of His Mind
21 - Unbearable Atmosphere
22 - Truth and Dreams
23 - Watch Your Step!
24 - Darkness
25 - ...Yet the Merchants Will Go
26 - ~ A Man ~
27 - Sound of a Little Zenny
28 - Brave Heart
29 - Dying Wish
30 - Maybe I'll Even Buy a Sheep
31 - Freefall
32 - How Long Will the Rain Last?
33 - Whirlpools Inside (The Frog's Song)
34 - Flutter (Butterfly)
35 - Shima-shima at Your Back (Buzz Buzz Buzz)
36 - Unfading Ones
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Song of the Plains
02 - Echo
03 - Thousand Wings
04 - The Sacred Ground Far Away
05 - Tototon Toton To
06 - What the Samba?
07 - Get the Fish!
08 - I Caught a Big One!
09 - Landscape
10 - Like the Sun, Like the Moon
11 - I'm a Faerie!
12 - Game Over
13 - Prayer
14 - Even Towards Death, Valiantly
15 - Curse
16 - Turismo
17 - Replay
18 - Seagull Flies
19 - Go By Ship!
20 - Pabu-pabu Puka-puka
21 - Pavane for a Dead Princess
22 - Destruction
23 - A God's Beast
24 - A Raging Emperor's Banquet
25 - Dragon's Blood
Music for the Ending ~MIDI Arrangement~
26 - I. A Wing From the Sky
27 - II. Relessed
28 - III. Endings and Beginnings
29 - A Raging Emperor's Banquet ~ Remix ~
30 - Pabu-pabu Puka-puka Song
31 - A Little After the Dream
Total Time:

Before even touching on the music, I'd like to talk about the production and packaging of this fine soundtrack. First of all, the publisher, "SulePuter", might sound different to you. This company is actually Capcom's new music division. Some interesting trivia, "CapCom" is short for "CapsuleComputer"...So, the name "SulePuter" is the remaining part of "CapCom".

The packaging is very similar to the book-case form in a glossy hardbook form seen in the first prints of earlier Squaresoft soundtracks (FF4 OSV, Hanjuku Hero, etc). However, because this soundtrack is two discs, The package is set up in a fold-out manner, and it is a completely new packaging design to me. Very clever. Also, there is very awesome water-color artwork in the booklet, and the obi strip is this flimsy black plastic thing that goes along the bottom (as seen in the picture). This thing is actually very hard to work with when opening and closing the book: this is my only complaint in packaging.

On to the music!! Now, as most of you all know, the Breath of Fire III OST featured music that is pretty gosh-darn mediocre. It was filled with "filler" tracks, and they were jazzy in an annoying synth way. Gone are these days, as this soundtrack is a MAJOR improvement. The style is completely different, which is surprising seeing as the main composers are still the same. These tracks aren't just filler, they express mood well and are very enjoyable. The best track, however, is the opening track. This track is AMAZING, it ranks up there with one of my alltime favorite tracks using light/fluttery piano, the last dungeon music from the Alundra OST. You cannot help but enjoy this track.

Another neat aspect about this soundtrack is the fact that it is, to date, the only videogame or anime CD with a secret track at the end. After the awesome vocal track on disc 2 track 31, you can wait about 2 minutes, and then hear some guys (probably the composers and other staff), singing some tune and talking. It's really funny, and I'm glad someone finally did this, especially on an RPG OST.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann