Perfect Collection Brandish
Catalog Number: KICA-1102
Released On: April 22, 1992
Composed By: Sound Team JDK
Arranged By: Tamiya Terashima, Nami Goto, Yoshihisa Suzuki, Tomohiko Kishimoto
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: King Studio, Freedom Studio
Format: 1 CD

JDK Electric Orchestra Version
01 - Opening
Special Arrange Version
02 - Ruins
03 - Tower
04 - Cave
05 - Dark Zone
06 - Fortress
07 - Deink
08 - Crab Devil
09 - Hardress
10 - Rakshasa
11 - Black Widow
12 - Ninja
13 - Lobster
14 - Ajitaker
15 - Gadobistlle
16 - Shop 1
17 - Shop 2
18 - Dora Doran
19 - Ancient Sculpture
20 - Stage Clear
21 - Disk Copy
22 - Game Over
23 - Ending I
24 - Ending II
25 - Ending III
JDK Band Arrange Version
26 - Ending II
27 - Fortress
Total Time:

I've heard little of the Brandish original soundtrack, so this is just an "as is" review. This cd starts out with a nice 7 minute Electric Orchestra track arranged by Tamiya Terashima. I was a great fan of his work, especially on Ys V Orchestra Version and Legend of Heroes 4: Electric Orchestra, and his track on this one is just as powerful. He did this track years before the above albums, but he still packed just as much feeling and emotion into his arrangements back then.

Then we have 24 Special Arrange Version tracks, arranged by Nami Goto and Yoshihisa Suzuki. The arrangements all are solid, with a few excellent standouts that I highlighted with my sample selection. The synth quality seems acceptable to my ear, not bad, but nothing special. These arrangements are, in my opinion, on par with the more popular Ryo Yonemitsu arranges on some of the other Perfect Collections.

Finally, there are two Tomohiko Kishimoto arranged JDK Band tracks. They pack the standard high quality JDK Band rock we have come to expect.

Bottomline is that I really like this cd and reccomend it to all. Buy it if you see it come up somewhere. eBay or Yahoo Japan Auctions are pretty much your only options for finding this treasure, but find it if you can.

Reviewed by: SrBehemoth


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