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Brigandine Original Sound Collection

[back cover]
Catalog Number: COCC-15163
Released On: June 20, 1998
Composed By: Atsushi Noguchi, Yumiko Mori, Yuusuke Yada
Arranged By: TOSHITARO (32, 33)
Published By: Nippon Columbia
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - The Knights of Rune
02 - Brigandine
03 - Daybreak
04 - Prologue
05 - Military Rule
06 - The Young Lion
07 - The White Wolf King
08 - Kiruuf and Lionaise
09 - Mad Monarch
10 - The Quiet Wise King
11 - Formation
12 - Battle Commencement
13 - The Sword of Hope
14 - A Pack of Wolves
15 - Holy Battle
16 - Knock Down!
17 - Bonds
18 - Threat
19 - Assault
20 - Counterattack
21 - Victory
22 - Defeat
23 - A Spot in the Sun
24 - Love
25 - Grief
26 - Darkness
27 - Bravery
28 - Ruin
29 - The Seeker
30 - Epilogue
31 - Flight
32 - The Young Lion - Arrange Version
33 - The White Wolf King - Arrange Version
Total Time:

A cult classic title that, despite a few raving fans' love, received mediocre reviews, "Brigandine" is one of Atlus USA's lesser-known PlayStation titles. Despite its (relative) unpopularity, the Japanese publishers decided to release a standalone soundtrack through Columbia. And here it is.

Three composers worked hand-in-hand to bring this set of music together. The sound quality is on-par for its time, though it's still sequenced synth (instead of streaming audio) through and through. I really enjoy the audio quality here and the synths used. In this day and age, VGM from 1998 can bring a sense of nostalgia. And this is the case for me, even though I only played Brigandine briefly at the time of its release.

The compositions themselves are fairly generic. However, they are still enjoyable. Almost every song is in a major key, and even those in a minor key manage to be bouncy and invigorating. Very simple, military-style marches weave and blend with super-robot-anime-style themes. That description pretty well captures about 90% of the tracks on here.

Like most Columbia albums released before the year 2000, this album is now very difficult to find. But if you're one of those avid Brigandine fans, maybe you'll want to add this album to your collection. Used shops, including the always-dependable Yahoo! Japan Auctions, are your best bet for procurement.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann