The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragons' Odyssey OST
Catalog Number: N/A
Released On: May 11, 2012
Composed By: Jordan Steven
Arranged By: Chad Twedt
Published By: Jordan Steven
Recorded at: Unknown
Format: Digital
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01 - Serenity
02 - Salvation
03 - Heaven's View
04 - Team Spirit!
05 - When the Sun Shines
06 - On the Upside!
07 - Snow Angels
08 - Dark of Day
09 - Determination
10 - Lucky Seven
11 - Melancholy
12 - Fired Up!
13 - From the Ground Up
14 - Can You Hear the Snow?
15 - Playing the Harlots
16 - Incarnate
17 - When the Birds Sing
18 - Lord of This Manor
19 - Rest in Peace
20 - Never Give Up
21 - Somber Souls
22 - The Baron's Estate
23 - What'll It Be?
24 - Outlawed
25 - Beat the Drum, Beat the Band
26 - Sight of Serenity
27 - Hell's Angel
28 - Tension
29 - Life More Abundant
30 - Siphoner
31 - Sanctum Sanctorum
32 - Angelus Domini
33 - Hades Beckons
34 - Holy Priest
35 - Bloody Rose
36 - Fugare Draco
37 - Death's Grin - It's Not Too Late! - Saved!
38 - A New Way
Total Time:

Note: This review is for the English release. No official soundtrack release exist for the original Japanese version of the game.

Bless the soul(s) who decided to bring in Jordan Steven (AKA Jordan "bLiNd" Aguirre) to recompose the soundtrack to The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragons' Odyssey. Not only was the tracklist more than doubled, but the diversity of those tracks produced a radiant bouquet of warmth, excitement, serenity and other emotions.

Having the opportunity to listen to both soundtracks, I was quite pleased with Steven's orchestral soundscape and compositional directions. Players are presented with a delicate, yet adventurous, track named "Serenity," which plays during the opening demo. If allowed to finish its course, "Serenity" ends with a lovely, calming piano outro that seamlessly washes into the next track, "Salvation," an arpeggiated piano piece. Tranquil, yet mysterious, this siren's song invites players — especially music lovers — to experience this aural adventure.

A track that players will frequently hear is "When The Sun Shines," the main characters' home theme. Relaxing and pleasant to my ears, I was always pleased coming back "home" while playing Dragons' Odyssey. Steven's father (Mark Aguirre) performs beautifully on the guitar while a lulling flute plays underneath with an atmospheric, soft synth. The guitar playing reminds me of my time playing Rune Factory Frontier, tending to my crops and enjoying the relaxed pace of spring.

However when we traverse to "Snow Angels," the theme of Petas Village, the player is presented with a chilling, calm, yet mysterious track. The higher register piano, plucked guitar, bells, and harp aurally sets me in a cold atmosphere, and the strong synth playing lurking underneath creates a mysterious aura that envelopes this track.

Of course, there is more than tranquility in Dragons' Odyssey, especially when entering Shamrock town and presented with the big band-sounding track "Lucky Seven." Finger-snapping brass sections, jazzy flute flutter-tonguing, and crazy-hot trumpet playing (provided by Steven's uncle, Lance) — this is one of many various fresh dashes of excitement you'll hear on this soundtrack.

If you are one to enjoy faster paced, rocking tracks like I am, then tracks such as "Fired Up!" and "Beat The Drum, Beat The Band" may be your cup of tea. The former's Naruto-sounding instrumentation and presentation tickles the taste buds with Asian flavors, while the latter's rocking and ska-sounding brass sections allure you with their infectious beats. I wasn't kidding when I said there was diversity in this soundtrack!

I recommend picking up Dragons' Odyssey's soundtrack if you are fond of orchestral tracks with special moments of genre changes within the soundtrack. I believe there is something for everyone to enjoy in this catchy soundtrack. Bravo, Mr. Jordan Steven.

Reviewed by: Marcos Gaspar


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