Akumajou Dracula The Stolen Seal OST

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Catalog Number: LC-1713/4
Released On: October 23, 2008
Composed By: Michiru Yamane, Yasuhiro Ichihashi, Masahiko Kimura, Konami Kukeiha Club
Arranged By: Michiru Yamane, Yasuhiro Ichihashi
Published By: Konami Style
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Twilight Stigmata
02 - Requiem Testudo
03 - Daybreak Decantos
04 - Ecclesia: Prologue
05 - Elegance - Sprinting
06 - Twinkling of Wisdom
07 - Ruby Elegy
08 - Prologue - Once More
09 - Budding Harp
10 - Smoking Refuge
11 - Hollyhock Serenade
12 - Fighting Soul Rhapsody
13 - Sea Route of Breaking Waves
14 - Rhapsody in Sorrowful Indigo
15 - Cantus Motet
16 - Monolith of the Scorched Earth
17 - Forest Sage of Thin Mist
18 - Cathedral of Sacred Remains
19 - Azure Wandering
20 - Warped Black Cold
21 - Lapis Virginal
22 - Erratic Vibrato
23 - Noble Variations
24 - Indignant Locus - Dialogue
25 - Curse of Sorrow
26 - Holy Road of Darkness
27 - Indignant Locus
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Begrudging Castle
02 - Waltz of the Rising Moon
03 - Lovely Dream Fantasia
04 - Twilight Stigmata
05 - Insane Expectations
06 - Malakh's Labyrinth
07 - Ebony Wings
08 - The Tower of Dolls
09 - Gate of the Underworld
10 - Gargantua
11 - Former Room 2
12 - Shadow's Stronghold
13 - Symphonic Poem of the Devil in Satin and Silk
14 - Ricercare
15 - Requiem of a Night of Falling Stars
16 - Time of Reunion
17 - Time of Demise
18 - Arabesque Canon
19 - Talk of Equipment
20 - Aloof Challenger
Arrange Version
22 - Twilight Stigmata
23 - Warped Black Cold
24 - Azure Wandering
25 - Rhapsody in Sorrowful Indigo
26 - Lapis Virginal
27 - Symphonic Poem of the Devil in Satin and Silk
Total Time:

The Japanese two disc soundtrack for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia features "more of the same" from the Castlevania series. And that's a good thing.

Now when I say "more of the same," I don't mean you're going to hear 8 arrangements of Vampire Killer. They actually didn't borrow many tracks from previous Castlevania titles. But stylistically, yes, it sounds just like a Castlevania soundtrack.

My favorite thing, consistently, about this soundtrack is the bass. The synth bass lines are awesome. Whether acoustic, electric, funk/slap, or other, the lower tones scattered throughout these songs sound awesome. Somehow, they survive the DS compression. They sound different, sure, but the DS sound source doesn't make the bass sound bad. It sounds oldschool and cool: totally appropriate for a Castlevania game.

Now, I would recommend this soundtrack to you. There's just one problem: you can't get it. Even though it has the standard Konami Style LC- catalog number (which makes you think Konami would at least be selling it via their own online store), this soundtrack was only made available to those who imported the game, and even then, in limited quantities. This soundtrack is part of the ridiculous 18 CD Castlevania box set released in 2010, though... so that might be a (very expensive) way to get it – though I'm told even that doesn't contain the full two discs of music found here. Also, as a last resort, you can enjoy the grossly compacted six-track American release.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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