Detective Saburo Jinguji DS The Old Memory OST

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Catalog Number: STF-0021~4
Released On: November 22, 2007
Composed By: WorkJam
Arranged By: WorkJam
Published By: Sten Och Flod
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 4 CDs
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Disc One
From Detective Saburo Jinguji The Old Memory
01 - RedEyes
03 - Acceleration
04 - Scared
05 - Corner
06 - Roar
07 - For the Truth
08 - Inference
09 - Sadness
10 - Cloudy Skies
11 - End and Start
13 - Question
14 - Failure
15 - F.B Gang
16 - Jinguji Medley
Total Time:

Disc Two
From Detective Saburo Jinguji The Old Memory
01 - Chase
02 - Pursuit
03 - Sea Breeze
04 - Dark Way
05 - A Faraway Journey
06 - Perilous Men
07 - Eye Catch 1
08 - Past Mystery
09 - Gray Brains
10 - Suffering
11 - Eye Catch 2
12 - Mischievous
13 - Tragic
Bonus Track
14 - First Job "The Case of the Murder in Shinjuku Central Park" Medley
15 - Second Job "The Case of the Serial Murders in the Port of Yokohama" Medley
16 - Third Job "The Dangerous Couple" Medley
17 - Fourth Job "As Time Goes By" Medley
Total Time:

Disc Three
From Detective Saburo Jinguji The Case of the Murder in Shinjuku Central Park
01 - Shinjuku Operative
02 - Input
03 - Eye Catch
04 - Shinjuku Central Park
05 - Tragedy
06 - Interrogation
07 - Fact
08 - Enigma
09 - Jingle A
10 - Jingle B
11 - Sanctions
12 - A Break from the Investigation
13 - Prosecution
14 - See You Next Case
From Detective Saburo Jinguji The Case of the Serial Murders in the Port of Yokohama
15 - Chase in Yokohama
16 - Port of Call
17 - Clue
18 - Pursuit in Yokohama
19 - On the Rocks
20 - Investigation in Yokohama
21 - Blunderer
22 - Sunset in Yokohama
23 - Fact
24 - Besieger
25 - From Hong Kong
26 - Relieve
27 - Eyewitness
28 - Smuggler
29 - Solve
30 - Sea Breeze in Yokohama
31 - Sea Breeze in Yokohama (Not Use)
From Detective Saburo Jinguji The Dangerous Couple
32 - Cycle
33 - Dark Way
34 - Hangover
35 - A Faraway Journey
36 - Perilous Men
37 - Camouflage
38 - Suzuka Delusion
39 - Giddy Curve
40 - Strayers
41 - Twine
42 - Dirty Relation
43 - Double Purpose
44 - Flection
45 - New Trouble Given
46 - Little Wing
Total Time:

Disc Four
From Detective Saburo Jinguji As Time Goes By
01 - As Time Goes By...
02 - At Present
03 - Past Mystery
04 - Telephone
05 - NIN-KYO
06 - Act
07 - Detective Yoko
08 - Doubtful Room
09 - Inquire
10 - Gray Brains
11 - Suspect
12 - Beauty Motley
13 - Detective Jinguji
15 - Get Drunk
16 - Disengaged Curio
17 - Suffering
18 - Enmity Person
19 - Trim the Punch!
20 - Reconciliation
21 - Detective ZUTA
22 - One More Request
23 - See You Next Trouble!
24 - SE
Total Time:

So, how many of you have played Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles for the DS? Don't worry if you haven't, that game was terrible. I'm a visual novel fanatic and I too think that Jake Hunter deserves all the bad reviews its gotten. Anyway, I'm complementing my review of the game and all my other Jinguji Saburo soundtrack reviews with this OST for the Japanese version of this DS release. It contains four discs worth of music which initially made me go "huh?" since Jake Hunter was such a stupidly short game without a wide variety of music. It should be noted once again that the Japanese version of the game contains six cases, five of which are retellings of Saburo's past adventures and the sixth one being a brand new DS specific one.

Atmospheric lounge jazz has typically been the order of the day for most Jinguji Saburo soundtracks and this one is no exception. As much as I like jazz music, I found the music in all the Jinguji Saburo soundtracks I've listened to rather boring. Maybe I'd enjoy it more were I in a lounge with some cognac and a cigar where the brain-clouding effects of alcohol and tobacco would take me to a "happy place" that the relaxed nature of the music would punctuate. Maybe that's what the composers intend given Jinguji's/Jake's love of cognac and Marlboro cigarettes. When the tracks are not lounge jazzy, they're downtempo video game synth pop. I found the music rather nondescript in the context of the game and rather boring in an OST when listened to on its own.

Discs 1 and 2 contain familiar music, since the US version of the game has the cases these tracks come from. A nice surprise was track 16 on disc 1. This track is a medley of various Jinguji Saburo tracks and some of the pieces in this medley were actually kinda exciting. The last handful of tracks in disc 2 were the 8-bit arrangements of some classic Jinguji Saburo themes, since three of the cases in this DS game were polished upgrades of NEs-era Jinguji Saburo games. In disc 2, compare track 1 to the beginning of track 15 and judge for yourself whether the sound upgrades in the DS game make a difference.

Disc 3's 46 tracks contained many repeats of tracks from the first two discs as well as other tracks from the game's cases. The entire disc was filled with 8-bit NES sound. As nostalgic as I may get from listening to ol' fashioned NES music, it does wear on me after a while nowadays and disc 3 was not an enjoyable one for me. Disc 4 was also 100% 8-bit PCM music including some 8-bit versions of tracks from prior discs. I also did not really enjoy this disc as too much NES style PCM became grating for me to listen to.

In short, I did not really enjoy this soundtrack. The compositions themselves were extremely pedestrian and often quite boring. They were bland in the game and even more so outside of the game. There was also way too much 8-bit PCM music in this soundtrack for my tastes. Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles was a game I was rooting for but it was a terrible game and the music wasn't very good either. I've certainly heard worse video game music, but this was a truly unenjoyable soundtrack.

Reviewed by: Neal Chandran


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