Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children Perfect Sound Tracks

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Catalog Number: FSCA-10157
Released On: December 20, 2000
Composed By: Tomoyuki Hamada, Hiro Takahashi, Achilles C. Damigos
Arranged By: Shin Kouno, Achilles C. Damigos
Published By: First Smile Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Door of Dreams
02 - Title
03 - Reality Theme (Black Book)
04 - Reality Theme (Red Book)
05 - Ice Land Theme
06 - Marble Land Theme
07 - Sand Land Theme
08 - Forest Land Theme
09 - Fire Land Theme
10 - Central Land Theme
11 - Sanctuary Theme
12 - Deep Hole Theme
13 - Demon World Town 1
14 - Demon World Town 2
15 - Demon World Town 3
16 - Demon World Dungeon 1
17 - Demon World Dungeon 2
18 - Demon World Dungeon 3
19 - Demon World Dungeon 4
20 - Demon World Dungeon 5
21 - Battle Theme 1 (Black Book)
22 - Battle Theme 2 (Red Book)
23 - Battle Theme 3 - Event (Black Book)
24 - Battle Theme 4 - Event (Red Book)
25 - Ending 1
26 - Ending 2
27 - Name Entry Inquiry
28 - Cerberus' Theme
29 - Griffon's Theme
30 - Master Takajo's Theme
31 - Serious Theme
32 - Demon Combination Theme
33 - Data in Transmission
34 - Angel's Theme
35 - Devil's Theme
36 - Annihilation
37 - Victory
38 - Level Up
39 - Final Boss Theme
40 - Demon World Town 4
41 - Demon World Town 5
42 - Old Battle Theme
43 - Unpublished Tune (Arrange Ver.)
44 - Zig-Zag
45 - Door of Dreams (Karaoke)
46 - Zig-Zag (Karaoke)
47 - SE Collection
Total Time:

The Devil Children "Perfect Sound Tracks" is essentially an OST, though it includes two vocal tracks and the synth manipulation on the tracks sound of a slightly higher quality than the way they sound coming from a Game Boy. Note that this soundtrack is not representative of the 2002/2003 GBA Devil Children games, which were localized by Atlus USA. These are the Game Boy Color "Red and Black" titles, import-only.

Among SMT soundtracks, this one is far from noteworthy. Its arranged counterpart is worth listening to, but the OST has yet to leave a lasting impression on me. Part of the problem is the lack of looping. Many of these tracks are under a minute long (some under 30 seconds!). One is better off playing DemiKids to digest the music, instead of trying to get a feel for the music through this disc.

Or, you could just hunt down the arranged CD.

Whether you go for this album or the arranged album, both are printed by First Smile Entertainment, which has long been out of business. So, to all of you VGM fans hunting down this relic of the SMT music discography, I wish you luck on finding this one. I also wish you sympathy if you think you're going to really enjoy this one. It's nothing special.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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