Dew Prism OST

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Catalog Number: SSCX-10036 (reprint SQEX-10074/5)
Released On: November 20, 1999 (reprint July 19, 2006)
Composed By: Junya Nakano
Arranged By: Junya Nakano
Published By: DigiCube (reprint Square Enix)
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One: Rue
01 - Theme of Dew Prism
02 - Premonition
03 - Bonded by Claire
04 - Passing Through the Forest
05 - Blood & Smokey's Theme ~The Foolish Rascal Brothers~
06 - Blood & Smokey Battle
07 - Feeling Good!
08 - Rocky Mountain Sky Garden
09 - Belle & Duke
10 - Dragon
11 - Ruins in the Lake
12 - Upper River Stream
13 - Mode Master
14 - Fancy Mel
15 - Reminiscence
16 - Book of Cosmos
17 - Sad Prima Doll
18 - Fear
19 - Doll Master
20 - Rasdan
21 - Final Battle 2
22 - Escape
23 - Circling Memories ~Klaus~
24 - A Chance Meeting
25 - Finale ~Rue~
26 - Church
Total Time:

Disc Two: Mint
01 - Dew Prism ~Title~
02 - Wonderful Premonition
03 - Mint's Theme
04 - Village
05 - Belle & Duke 2
06 - Curse of the Eastern Sky Kingdom
07 - Underground Ruins
08 - Rodo ~Impetuous Soul~
09 - Roadblock
10 - Mint's Scheme
11 - Ghost Temple
12 - Mint Scheme 2
13 - Upper River Stream (Slow)
14 - Trap Master
15 - Fancy World
16 - Song of Sorrow
17 - Sorcery
18 - A Little Excited!
19 - Gathered Souls
20 - Maya's Theme
21 - Battle
22 - Final Battle
23 - Magnificence
24 - Fancy Feeling
25 - Finale ~Mint~
26 - A Pause
27 - Dew Prism TV Commercial ~15 second version~
28 - Dew Prism TV Commercial ~30 second version~
Total Time:

Junya Nakano is one of the most underrated composers out there. Until Final Fantasy X, he was a relative unknown in the game music industry. Amid loads of great talent at Square, his music was often lost in the mix. Yet during that time he composed a vastly different RPG score in Dew Prism. Although it may not sound like your typical RPG soundtrack, it does have quite a bit of appeal. Much of the music is mellow and laid-back, but there are a few tracks that pop out demand your attention. I haven't played the game, but I can just picture the lush and vibrant forest imagery while listening to this music.

Dew Prism's soundtrack is separated onto two CDs, Rue's Disc and Mint's Disc. As such, most of the music is character specific and is represented on each character's disc respectively. Generally, the overall tone differs greatly on each: Mint's is upbeat and cheerful while Rue's is mellower, and at times sharp and stirring. However, the differing styles work well. If you're in a happier mood you may want to listen to Mint's Disc. Looking for something more laid-back, Rue's will do fine. Both have their high points as well as the expected filler tracks, but overall Dew Prism contains a nice selection of music.

As mentioned before, Rue's Disc is a bit more subdued, but there a few upbeat tunes that truly stand out. "Passing Through the Forest" is one of the best pieces on the album, and fits in well with the game's foresty atmosphere. "Fancy Mel" is a fun piece with it's cheerful melody chirping away throughout. And then there's "Sad Prima Doll," "Reminiscence," and "A Chance Meeting" which are all very calming with their soothing melodies.

On the other hand is Mint's disc which is filled with up-beat, catchy tunes that perfectly captures the character's free-spirited nature. Of the two discs I enjoy this one more. There are so many excellent pieces here it's hard to pick favorites. "Underground Ruins" is AWESOME, my favorite track on the CD. I love how Nakano takes an upbeat melody and mixes it with a slower, soothing base harmony resulting in something almost magical. "Rodo ~Impetuous Soul~," "Village," and "Maya's Theme" are all excellently composed as well. Finally, I must mention "Finale ~Mint~" which is a jazzed-up version of the Dew Prism main theme. I love this piece, and found it to be a fresh and invigorating inclusion on the album.

If you're looking for something different, Dew Prism is a great choice. Filled with a wonderful mixture of ambient and highly enjoyable melodious tracks, unless you're turned off by slower music, you can't go wrong with this one. With its mellow, soothing tone, Dew Prism is great to listen to in the background while doing work or while just chilling out.!

Reviewed by: Lucy Rzeminski


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