Suite Dragon Quest II ~Gods of the Evil Spirits~

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Catalog Number: BY30-5136
Released On: February 5, 1987
Composed By: Koichi Sugiyama
Arranged By: Koichi Sugiyama, Koichi Nakamura
Published By: Apollon
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

Orchestra Version
01 - Dragon Quest March
02 - Only Lonely Boy
03 - Château
04 - Town
05 - Fright in Dungeon ~ Devils' Tower
06 - Requiem
07 - Endless World
08 - Beyond the Waves
09 - Deathfight ~ Dead or Alive
10 - My Road My Journey
Original Version
11 - Dragon Quest II Game Original Sound Story ~From Opening To Finale~
Total Time:

The first album released for Dragon Quest II is the Dragon Quest II "Suite." That's right, not "symphonic suite," but just "suite." It's still a live recording, mind you! This album is performed by the Tokyo Strings Ensemble. There is also an "original sound story" track at the end, which spans 25 minutes.

The style of the arrangements aren't all classical orchestra. For example, "Only Lonely Boy" sounds like a jazz album with some light, disco-style string orchestra in the background. If you wanted a sound style that makes you want to go back to the '70s with Sugiyama, this is the song for it. I was shocked when I heard this arrangement: it is unlike anything else Sugiyama has ever arranged. This same jazz style is also used on "Town," "Devils' Tower," and of course "My Road My Journey" (though the latter is more disco than jazz).

The Tokyo Metropolitan recording of Dragon Quest II is my favorite, but if you want something entirely out of left field, something you won't find any reprints or reproductions for, then you want this album. The jazzy tracks on here are outrageously fun after listening to a number of "stuffy" arrangements from Sugiyama and the various orchestral groups he's recorded with. If you can find it, I recommended adding Suite Dragon Quest II to your collection.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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