Eternal Arcadia OST

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Catalog Number: FMCD-1001
Released On: October 5, 2000
Composed By: Yutaka Minobe, Tatsuyuki Maeda
Arranged By: Yutaka Minobe, Tatsuyuki Maeda
Published By: Enterbrain
Recorded At: Wave Master Studio
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Opening Theme
02 - Main Theme
03 - Sky Pirate Isle
04 - Galcian's Theme
05 - Theme of Reflection
06 - Sky Pirate Secret Base
07 - Blue Rogues' Theme
08 - Blue Rogues' Ship (Nasrad, Ixa'taka, Valua)
09 - Dungeon of Searing Heat
10 - Ruins Dungeon
11 - Battle 1
12 - Vyse's Theme
13 - Kingdom of Nasrad
14 - Dungeon Cave
15 - Black Pirates' Theme
16 - Bombardment
17 - Let's Go!
18 - Sailor Town
19 - Kingdom of Ixa'taka
20 - Ancient Temple Dungeon
21 - Legend
22 - Sudden Storm
23 - Uninhabited Island
24 - Theme of Loneliness
25 - Drachma's Theme
26 - The Little Jack (Nasrad, Ixa'taka, Valua)
27 - Imperial Theme
28 - Valua City
29 - Tension
30 - Military Facility Dungeon
31 - Armada
32 - Boss Battle (Crisis, Opportunity)
33 - Victory in Battle
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Headquarters
02 - Fina's Theme
03 - Everyday Life
04 - Gag
05 - Gilder's Theme
06 - Nervous Crisis
07 - Tragedy
08 - Hatred
09 - Delphinus (Nasrad, Ixa'taka, Valua, Yafutoma, Ice Continent, Temple Island)
10 - Yafutoma Dawn
11 - Eastern Sky Pirates
12 - Ice Dungeon
13 - Nervous Crisis 2
14 - Battle 2
15 - Rejoice
16 - Town of Ice
17 - Dimming Lights
18 - Giga's Theme
19 - Bombardment 2
20 - Bombardment Victory
21 - Remote Town
22 - Great Silver Shrine
23 - Ramirez's Theme
24 - Armada Battle
25 - Battle Defeat
26 - Enrique's Theme
27 - Final Dungeon
28 - Zealous
29 - The Final Moment
30 - Final Battle (Opportunity)
31 - Emotional
32 - Legendary Sinking Continent
33 - Epilogue
34 - Credits
Total Time:

Possibly one of the most difficult of the newer soundtracks recently released to acquire, the Eternal Arcadia OST contains all of the great music (except for one key song) from arguably the best RPG released on Sega's Dreamcast, Eternal Arcadia, released as Skies of Arcadia in the US. Before I get to the thick of it, I'm disappointed that two songs from the game, were not present at all. The CDs are almost completely filled at 70+ minutes each, but a little arrangement could have worked, and the two songs could have been put in.

Now that the bad is out of the way, what about the good? The composers outdid themselves with the musical score, as it's nothing short of epic. From the soothing 'Main Theme' that plays at the title screen, to the jungle beats in 'Kingdom of Ixa'taka', there is a good variety of melodies, and an excellent choice of instrumentation. In the actual game, certain songs such as the flight themes for exploring the world were dynamic, in that the polyphony would change as you entered or left different lands, and they incorporated those extra instruments into the tracks. 'Bombardment' is a fantastic song, playing during the ship to ship fights in the game, and I could almost swear it's orchestrated, though I believe all the songs make use of Cybersound, similar to titles such as Panzer Dragoon Saga.

The battle themes are some of the catchiest I've heard in awhile outside of Iwadare's work in GameArts' titles, and the dungeon themes feel appropriate: not too upbeat, nothing boring. 'Ramirez's Theme' is dark, very moody, and very addicting. If you loved the musical score from Eternal (Skies of) Arcadia, then I recommend you make every attempt to search for this soundtrack. Persistance is rewarded, and the rewards are high.

Revised on 1/24/02

Reviewed by: Jason Walton


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