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Catalog Number: FSCA-10158
Released On: February 21, 2001
Composed By: Shintaro Hirakawa, Atlus Sound Team
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: First Smile Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Main Theme
02 - Option
03 - Title Call
04 - School
05 - Event III
06 - Evening
07 - School II
08 - Event I
09 - Event II
10 - Iopyros Heights
11 - Iopyros Heights (Evening)
12 - Morning Jingle
13 - Morning
14 - Forest
15 - Iopyros Village
16 - House of Landoh
17 - Map
18 - Iopyros Tower
19 - Trespassing
20 - Underground Sanctuary
21 - Town of Carlyle I
22 - Carlyle Underground Ruins I
23 - Club
24 - Arbaidan Mansion
25 - Underground Passage to Fire Dragon Castle
26 - Fire Dragon Castle
27 - Yuloria Castle Town
28 - Regrets
29 - Azel Villa
30 - Maze Leading to the Black Rooms
31 - The Black Rooms
32 - Rushing
33 - Crisis
34 - Bereavement
35 - Soaring
36 - Harmie, Popo Appear
37 - Village of Yamu-Yamu
38 - Small Shrine of Yamu-Yamu
39 - Sacred Tree Dome
40 - Sacred Tree Dome Before
41 - Theme of Prada
42 - Urgent Escape
43 - Decision
44 - Serene Heights
45 - Town of Carlyle II
46 - Carlyle Underground Ruins II
47 - Banquet
48 - Battle I
49 - Battle II
50 - Battle III
51 - Battle Success
52 - Game Over
53 - Theme of Yuka
54 - Theme of Hikaru
55 - Theme of Shuho
56 - Rue Appears
57 - Theme of Rue
58 - Theme of Harmie
59 - Theme of Hitoshi and Manabu
60 - Yuka - Orgel
61 - Shuho - Orgel
62 - Rue - Orgel
63 - Harmie - Orgel
64 - Yuka - Instrumental
65 - Hikaru - Instrumental
66 - Shuho - Instrumental
67 - Rue - Instrumental I
68 - Rue - Instrumental II
Total Time:

A few years back, Atlus released (in Japan) a late-era PS1 title called Eithéa. The soundtrack was released soon after, and then faded into the background. No one really seemed interested in it.

So I figured I'd pick it up.

You'll note that we have "Atlus Sound Team" for composer information. That means we don't really know who composed it. Yes, that's right. I've searched the internet high and low, and it seems even Japanese sites list the composer as unknown. The minimal packaging does not list the album's composer either. It is as though the composer wanted his/her identity to remain a mystery. So be it.

Whoever it was that did this soundtrack: kudos to you. This soundtrack would have been better off as a two disc compilation so that the tracks could loop; but even as a set of 68 one-minute RPG town/event/battle/character themes, the soundtrack is quite enjoyable. I would compare its softer sounds to that of the PS1 "Tales" titles, and its harder themes (if you can call them that) to the PS1 RPG "Neorude." There is something special about the music to this soundtrack. I feel that it successfully defines and summarizes how VGM sounded on the PS1, much like Terranigma did for SFC.

The other impressive thing that Mr./Ms. anonymous composer(s) did on this soundtrack was include musical styles and instruments from different parts of the world. The ethnic variety makes the soundtrack feel very "world" style, though the obligatory "Celtic" style is oddly missing. We get some Middle Eastern, Indian, East Asian, European, and plenty of more modern sounds to boot. Nice!

I recommend this soundtrack to anyone looking for VGM that can be enjoyed simply as VGM. And to anyone who could hunt down the name of this blasted composer, good luck. I suspect that the only place one might find the name is in the game's end credits, and as it is, I'm not importing a Japanese PS1 RPG and beating it to locate this bit of information (which may or may not be there).

EDIT (November 2009): composer Shintaro Hirakawa credits himself for having worked on this game. However, we still don't know if he is the sole composer, or if he was part of a larger team.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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