Energy Breaker OST
Catalog Number: NACL-1242
Released On: August 21, 1996
Composed By: Yukio Nakajima, Yasunori Shiono, Yusei Yamamoto
Arranged By: Yukio Nakajima
Published By: NEC Avenue
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Rising to the Rescue of His Land
02 - Voice of Awakening
03 - Ride the Wind
04 - Flowers Have Bloomed
05 - Renewed Joy
06 - Town of the Beginning
07 - The Guiding Fortuneteller
08 - The Glade
09 - Scientist's Waltz
10 - Friendly Disposition
11 - Under the Cold Weather
12 - Aroma of Stew
13 - Reckless Train
14 - Footsteps of Death
15 - Those Dead and Buried
16 - The Wind that Whips the Wilderness
17 - Berserker
18 - Overflowing Power
19 - Young Prodigies
20 - Frozen Tombstone
21 - Burning Red-Hot for the Sake of Another
22 - Thoughts Unarrived
23 - Summoned One
24 - Festival of Flames
25 - Calming Days
26 - The Future Century Approaching Dusk
27 - Golden-Colored Wind
28 - Memory
29 - The Sky's Brilliance
30 - Thoughts Unarrived 2
31 - A Very Good Friend
32 - Hero's Adventure
33 - Mania of the Past
34 - To the Blue Horizon
35 - Broken-Hearted Ones
36 - Four Powers
37 - Those Who Were Left Behind
38 - Cycle Collapse
39 - Those Controling the Bowels of Earth
40 - Illegitimate Child
41 - Ruins of the Rain
42 - Cursed Daybreak
43 - The Prayer Bells Don't Toll
44 - Pope
45 - Grand Victory
46 - Only Purifia Petals Fall
47 - Purifia Flowers
48 - The Rest of the Story
49 - Defeat
Total Time:

Yasunori Shiono is a name I've become quite familiar with thanks to games like Lufia and Chaos Seed. But Shiono, during those days, had a close-knit group of co-composers working with him. One of those composers is Yukio Nakajima, who wrote almost all of the music for Energy Breaker, another RPG for Super Famicom.

Nakajima's music is simply fantastic. This composer is clearly a master of composing for the SNES FM-Synth. Some of these tracks rival Squaresoft classics such as Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. Yet, for many VGM fans, music from games like Chaos Seed and Energy Breaker has fallen under the radar. In fact, I'm a little disappointed in myself that I'm only now discovering the greatness of this music, more than a decade after its original release.

There are a few different types of songs that really catch my ear. Of course, the well-done battle themes are a treat. But the songs that really catch my attention are the rhythmic, vaguely-chordally-defined pieces that serve for a variety of environment and event themes. The first one of these to really catch my attention was "The Guiding Fortuneteller" (track 7), and I was happy to find throughout listening to the soudntrack that Nakajima had composed many other pieces in this same style. Here I have to say I am reminded of Quintet's SNES classic Terranigma.

Now for some bad news, and some really good news, regarding availability. This particular soundtrack, being quite old, is a huge rarity. But, many of Taito's games (as part of the Scitron's "Game Sound Legend" series a few years ago) had complete soundtracks released for them. Energy Breaker is one of those games fortunate enough to see a full soundtrack reprint. That version is the one you want, and it's also the one you're far more likely to find. Check out the audio samples, and make your decision from there. But it's as simple as this: if your tastes include a penchant for SNES FM-synth, you will not be disappointed with this music. Yukio Nakajima made a most memorable soundtrack for Energy Breaker, and you'll do well to add that soundtrack to your collection.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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