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Eternal Poison: The Soundtrack CD
Catalog Number: N/A
Released On: November 11, 2008
Composed By: Takashi Okamoto, Yuki Nakagawa
Arranged By: Takashi Okamoto
Published By: Atlus
Recorded At: CONTINUUM -musicians atelier-
Format: 1 CD

01 - The Demon Cauldron
02 - Stolen Princess
03 - Dark Omens
04 - Confrontation
05 - The Edge
06 - Veil of Mystery
07 - Reminiscence
08 - The Fate of the Kingdom
09 - Fallen Souls
10 - Forgotten Prayers
11 - Deception
12 - Arietta for Days Past
13 - Gates of Hell 14 - Librum Aurora
15 - Bound
16 - Trial by Flame
17 - March of Shadows
18 - Morpheus
19 - Ruined Hallways
20 - Cursed Blood
21 - Dominion
22 - Grand Design
23 - Uzakori
24 - The Libertine
25 - Eternal Poison
Total Time:

There is no separate packaging for the soundtrack CD. The disc comes in the PlayStation 2 game case itself.

Atlus USA has been kind to us fans, in giving many bonuses when purchasing their games. One such gift is the Eternal Poison Soundtrack. Unlike its Japanese counterpart, Poison Pink, this soundtrack only contains twenty-five tracks on one CD. I find it interesting that when you see the tracks listed for the Eternal Poison Soundtrack and compare it to the Poison Pink one, many of the track titles have changed–even though 70% of the track names to the Poison Pink Soundtrack were originally in English! Perhaps Atlus just wanted more creative control... However, the CD is composed of great orchestral scores, following a pattern where the first half is a softer tone and then progresses to a more faster tempo near the end of the CD.

The soundtrack's structure complements Takashi Okamoto's orchestral style by centralizing on instruments like the violin and the piano in the beginning. The two instruments comprise a good portion of the CD as each track emphasizes the RPG's dark setting. The instruments provide a nice balance when he intermingles them with the electric guitar. The guitar tracks, in my opinion, shows his talent even more. Tracks like "Grand Design" and "Eternal Poison" are two of my personal favorites from the soundtrack as he changes switches instruments. It is easier to notice the change when comparing "Deception" to tracks like "Morpheus." The affect the electric guitar brings to his songs adds to the variety of rhythms that excite listeners.

It is unfortunate that the Eternal Poison is merely a best-of compilation. I would have liked to hear more tracks that coincide with the more gothic elements that the video game promotes. But the soundtrack, bundled with the game, is worth the purchase. Okamoto's songs made me appreciate the piano and the violin more now. His ability to skillfully mesh the two instruments into a soothing orchestral melody is what makes the soundtrack good.

Reviewed by: Jared Prewitt


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