Fragile ~Farewell Ruins of the Moon~ OST Plus

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Catalog Number: KDSD-00290/1
Released On: May 27, 2009
Composed By: Riei Saito
Arranged By: Riei Saito
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - To All People
02 - Alone
03 - Like an Illusion
04 - Beautiful
05 - Bad Signs
06 - Malicious Thoughts
07 - What Would
08 - How Do You Do?
09 - How Strange
10 - Wait!
11 - I Can Understand
12 - Promise
13 - Goodbye
14 - Letter
15 - Incredible!
16 - Removal
17 - Rejection
18 - Why?
19 - Ruins
20 - Extinction
21 - Friend
22 - Good
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Song of the Moon
02 - The Girl With Silver Hair
03 - Someone Besides Me
04 - Can You Talk to Me
05 - What's Wrong
06 - Malice
07 - Darkness
08 - Somebody Who Died
09 - Blowing in the Wind
10 - Thank You
11 - Something Called Trust
12 - With the Moon
13 - Start
14 - Pursuit
15 - Separated
16 - Abyss
17 - Project
18 - Bother
19 - Stay by Me
20 - Good Night
Total Time:

Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon features an intense setting: a post-apocalyptic world where the main character, Seto, is left to make sense of the wasteland around him. The game prides itself on being an emotional tale and it isn't afraid to be dark and desolate, especially when evoking emotions such as loneliness, rejection, desperation, and despondency. Thankfully, through all this pessimism lingers a glimmer of hope, and the Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon soundtracks captures it all. I have no doubt that playing the game will be intense, as just listening to the soundtrack, I was taken on a journey through a wide range of emotions.

There are many adjectives that come to mind when I try to put down my feelings about this soundtrack: moving, beautiful, bleak, propitious, and some I can't even put a finger on. The tracks no doubt convey a slew of emotions successfully. Trust me, I get a feeling of absolute pandemonium whenever I listen to the track "Extinction," as though something eerie is about to take over. There's also no denying the darkness of "Malicious Thoughts," especially when the violins completely capture the increase of these awful thoughts; it almost makes you feel as if you are giving into the dark side.

As successful as the soundtrack is on an emotional level, regrettably, it is not always up to par in terms of the variety it offers. The Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon soundtrack does something interesting: it uses piano as the primary instrument throughout, even at times when you think the tracks have escaped the piano, there are beautiful piano solos that appear. As a result, the soundtrack is more classical. In addition to the piano, you'll find it focuses a lot on orchestral melodies, primarily instruments in the string and woodwind families.

I like the idea of putting one instrument front and center, such as the piano, however; the drawback is that it doesn't offer the listener much in terms of variety. Quite often tracks seemed quite similar, which no doubt dashed all my hopes of them using the piano in a more unique way. If one instrument will be the focal point of the majority of the soundtrack, my wish is that the composers would have thought of more distinctive ways to implement it into the tracks. The end result of the heavy use of a piano is that some pieces are more memorable than others, and sometimes the ear just craves a different melody to keep its enthusiasm to listen.

Fortunately, there are some melodies that do just that, though there aren't nearly as many as I'd like. My ears immediately perked up upon hearing the xylophone in "How do you do?" and "Wait!" These tracks were a nice break from the doom and gloom feeling that accompanied many tracks. Also, using a different instrument such as drums in "Malice" or even adding a vocal here and there really did wonders for the soundtrack, and the best part was the piano solos still felt fresh and blended well into the melodies. Sadly, these additions are too few and far between to make up for the lack of diversity in the majority of the tracks.

All in all, the Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon soundtrack is quite strong and will definitely get the job done at creating the atmosphere and strong range of emotions that will no doubt be at the forefront of this game. Unfortunately, the lack of variety is its major downfall, but the soundtrack still shines despite that one flaw.

Reviewed by: Kimberley Wallace


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