Gensosangokushi II OST

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Catalog Number: GS2-OST
Released On: September 29, 2006
Composed By: UserJoy Technology Sound Team
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Falcom
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Theme Song: Frontier
02 - The Suspended Garden: The Moon Palace
03 - Earth Map: Far Away From the Target
04 - Village of the White Horse: Blue River's Den
05 - Opening in Netherworld: Boat in the Mist
06 - Village of the Summoners: Dawning Wind
07 - Hidden Road to the Ancient Imperial Palace: Frozen Night
08 - Floating Palace: Fight in the Air
09 - The Leader Appears: Fearful Foe
10 - Normal Battle 2: Arguing Swords
11 - Demon World: Dreamland in Netherworld
12 - Romantic Love Song: Feelings Under the Moon
13 - Sandstorm Remains
14 - Tong Guan Waterway: Rain on the Mountain
15 - Pu Yang Lightning Swamp: Thunder at Dark Night
16 - Sho'kan: Hidden Shadows
17 - Shining Hill: Troubles
18 - Toshiharu: Standing with Force
19 - Battlefield Boss Fight: Battling Swords
20 - Tension 2 (High): Crisis-ridden
21 - Bad Wailing: Away From Resentment
22 - The Moon Forest: A Deep Forest in Clear Moon
23 - Sorrow: The Eternal Lovers
24 - Flowery Ground
25 - Feelings (Instrumental Version)
26 - A Cloudy Floor: Half Day
27 - Luo Yang: Autumnal Frost
28 - Kahi: Heroic End
29 - Zhen Jiang: The Beauty Smiles
30 - Light and Smart
31 - Making a Smile
32 - Low Tension
33 - Kumiyama: Storm Dance
34 - Luo Yang Western Road: Rumble
35 - Kyoto: The Song Before Departure
36 - Chang'an: Inspection
37 - Battlefield Fight: Finals
38 - Kanto: Inaccessible Road
39 - Normal Boss Fight: Confrontation
40 - Heaven Shrine: Heavenly Rhymes
41 - Sho'hai: Spring Scenery
42 - Beautiful Island: Rainbow
43 - The Imperial Palace: Emperor's Intention
44 - Xu Zhou: Battleground
45 - Critical Hit: Dream Break
46 - Final Boss Fight: Searching for the Skies
47 - Interlude: Feelings
Total Time:

Hooray for Chinese RPGs! This sequel to a well-recognized Chinese RPG, brought to Japan by our friends at Nihon Falcom, has something really special going for it. It tells the tale that Koei's been re-telling for decades in their "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" games: the story of China at the end of the Han Dynasty. The art is interesting, and the plot is classic...but the music is what we're here to talk about today.

Honestly? It's one of the best soundtracks for a non-American PC title in a long, long time. Of course, I don't have as much exposure to said games as I'd like to have, but out of the small sampling I do have, this one really grabbed my attention. The first few seconds of the soundtrack had me sold, in fact: "Frontier" is an awesome opening song. If you haven't listened to Chinese vocalists before, you're in for a treat. If you're familiar with Chinese singing, you will agree that this performance is decent. The production and arrangements put into the song are also great.

The album is packed with nearly 75 minutes of well-written songs working entirely on some sophisticated sequencers and synthesizers. I was drawn in by songs that had fast, catchy rhythms (such as track 38 "Kanto"), and I was equally touched by the softer tunes, which made use of the to-be-expected traditional Asian instruments. Piano & String pieces also showed up here and there, such as in track 12.

It's a shame how quickly the songs come to an end, with 47 tracks put into one disc. I would have liked to see this soundtrack be a two disc set. Some of my favorite melodies appear in songs that last less than a minute.

The sound quality is excellent, the variety of musical genres is just enough to keep things interesting, and the melodies are very catchy, very memorable. The only problem is this album's availability: basically, it isn't available to you or me. It came as an extra with the Japanese release of the game, and Falcom never let it become much more available than through their own site. Even Falcom-CD-stocking sites (such as VGMWorld) don't have this one. It's too bad, because it'd be worth owning.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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