Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Extra Soundtrack

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Catalog Number: LC-1758~60
Released On: March 27, 2009
Composed By: Norikazu Miura, Yoshino Aoki, Masaharu Iwata, Kaori Komuro
Arranged By: Elements Garden
Published By: Konami Style
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 3 CDs
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Disc One
<Arrange Tracks>
01 - Tierkreis~Door of Hope - with Ramin
02 - Frontier Hamlet
03 - Wandering Caravan
04 - Intentions of the Imperial Family
05 - Warriors on the Great Plains
06 - Shining Castle of Dying Wishes
07 - One Who Watches Over the Stars
08 - Giant of a Proud Mountain
09 - The People of the Sea
10 - Woodland Nation
11 - Sally Beacon -Solid Brass Mix-
12 - Clash with the Librarian -Next Impact Mix-
13 - A Single World!
Total Time:

Disc Two
<Original Tracks>
01 - Title Back ~Title BGM~
02 - Visitor from Another World ~The Tenkai Star from One Million Worlds BGM~
03 - With Mighty Will ~Event BGM~
04 - Friend of the Great Plains ~Cougar's Theme~
05 - Unbeliable Truth ~Event BGM~
06 - Sisuca's Room ~Sisuca Menu BGM~
07 - The Source of Wisdom and Courage ~System Menu BGM~
08 - Shopping ~Shop Menu BGM~
09 - Preparations for the Journey ~Status Menu BGM~
10 - Uneasy Development ~Event BGM~
11 - Whereabouts of Offense and Defense ~Event BGM~
12 - Librarian ~Librarian's Theme~
13 - Threat to the Organization ~Fergus, Conon Event BGM~
14 - Clash with the Librarian ~Librarian Battle BGM~
15 - Recovered Stars ~Game Over BGM~
16 - A Menace Called One ~Order of the One Way BGM~
17 - A Path to Stray ~Dungeon BGM~
18 - Imminent Crisis ~Event BGM~
19 - Coast Cave ~Coast Cave Dungeon BGM~
20 - Conflict ~Event BGM~
Total Time:

Disc Three
<Original Tracks>
01 - Ladzaa Fortress ~Ladzaa Fortress BGM~
02 - Gates of the Great Fortress ~Fort Arc BGM~
03 - What Ties the Stars Together ~The Tenkai Star's Suffering BGM~
04 - Lost Plains ~Marsinah Plains Corner BGM~
05 - Unknown Woods ~Noslaw Woods BGM~
06 - Inherited Crest ~Lao-Kwan Event BGM~
07 - What is Called Hell ~Rarohenga BGM~
08 - Ruined Civilization ~Rarohenga Crater BGM~
09 - Sorrowful Conclusion ~Event BGM~
10 - Dancers of the North ~Yomi and Chihaya BGM~
11 - Laugh Instrument? ~Ramin? BGM~
12 - A Single World! ~Macoute's Theme~
13 - Wailing of the Giants ~Rigid Folk Event BGM~
14 - As the Librarian... ~Librarian Event BGM~
15 - Diadora's Suffering ~Diadora Event BGM~
16 - Perpetual Day ~Futureless World BGM~
17 - The Night Before the Decisive Battle ~The Night Before the Decisive Battle BGM~
18 - The King's Awakening ~The One King Battle BGM~
19 - The Final Battle of the Stars and the Darkness ~The One King Battle BGM~
20 - Peaceful Fortress ~Stronghold Event BGM~
Total Time:

Suikoden Tierkreis was a game that was blessed with an excellent soundtrack that offered music that combined the traditional songs of the series with new melodies to reflect the unique setting of the game. It made for a refreshing soundtrack, as one song would pull you in and remind listeners that this is much like the original much-loved Suikoden games while maintaining its own identity as a new entry to the series' lore.

The same can be said of the Suikoden Tierkreis Extra Soundtrack, which remixes a good deal of the music in the original soundtrack. Some of it came out better for it; others didn't go through the process unscathed. This is a common occurrence for remixes sometimes remixes can bring out the strengths of a song, but other times the remixes can focus on the wrong things. Often, remixed soundtracks end up being a mixed bag, and this can be said of the Tierkreis Extra Soundtrack as well.

The rest of the soundtrack is made up of tracks that were not present in the original soundtrack, such as Shopping, the music for stores. Most of these are forgettable, but some are well worth a listen due to the overall composition quality. Suikoden Tierkreis has an outstanding soundtrack and even these 'secondary' tracks are quite well done.

Perhaps most puzzling about the Extra Soundtrack is the omission of several incredible tracks present in the original soundtrack. Outstanding tracks possessing massive potential such as The Sky and The Earth were passed over for less flattering pieces such as Frontier Hamlet, which is an incredibly confusing decision. On one hand, it allows tracks more often overlooked to receive much more attention, but on the other hand, some of the strongest tracks in the game were ignored for pieces that may not have improved much if at all.

That's not necessarily a strike against the Extra Soundtrack though; it begins with an incredible starting track, Tierkreis Door of Hope, an excellent remix of an already incredible song. The addition of vocals in the song that accentuates its strengths gives it freshness such that it almost overshadows the rest of the soundtrack. In fact, a large amount of the tracks featured are remixed excellently, with the best of them previewable here. As can be expected from every soundtrack though, some tracks are less than stellar, whether due to focus on the wrong aspects of the songs, or due to the compositions themselves being lackluster originally.

While not the best soundtrack to ever come out of the Suikoden series, it's also not the worst. With many video game soundtracks featuring same-y music from iteration to iteration, Suikoden still remains unique in maintaining a specific sound and theme for each of its games and soundtracks. Despite the ups and downs in quality, this soundtrack still remains a worthy purchase and an excellent listen.

Reviewed by: Ashton Liu


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