Genso Suikoden Tierkreis OST
Catalog Number: LC-1749~51 (promotional version N/A)
Released On: February 20, 2009 (promotional version December 18, 2008)
Composed By: Norikazu Miura, Tomoaki Hirono, Kazuma Jinnouchi, Yoshino Aoki, Kaori Komuro, Junpei Fujita, Hitoshi Fujima, Daisuke Kikuta, Masato Nakayama, Masaharu Iwata
Arranged By: Jun Abe
Published By: Konami Style (promotional version Konami Digital Entertainment)
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 3 CDs

Disc One
01 - The Plain and the Sky ~Citro Plain BGM~
02 - Frontier Hamlet ~Citro Village BGM~
03 - Pulsation of the Forest ~Eastern Hill, Flesaria Forest BGM~
04 - Rushing into Battle! ~Battle BGM~
05 - Victory Pose! ~Battle Victory BGM~
06 - The Earth's Disaster ~World Fusion BGM~
07 - A Powerful Enemy Appears! ~Area Boss BGM~
08 - Wandering Caravan ~Theme of the Rumblers~
09 - To the World! ~World Map BGM 1~
10 - Mining Village ~Grayridge BGM~
11 - Capital of the One Way ~Cynas BGM 1~
12 - Towering Tower in the Capital ~Tower of the Way BGM~
13 - Sally Beacon ~Unit Formation BGM~
14 - By the Pride of the Sword ~Theme of the Blades of Night's Veil~
15 - The Fort Where the Stars Gather ~Stronghold BGM 1~
16 - Door to One Million Worlds ~Theme of the Corridor~
17 - Guidance of the Stream ~Mislato River BGM~
18 - Janam Sorcery Empire ~Imperial Capital El-Qaral BGM~
19 - Intentions of the Imperial Family ~Theme of the Janam Imperial Family~
20 - The Princess of Sorcery ~Manaril's Theme~
21 - Maw Entrance of the Southern Sea ~Salsabil BGM~
22 - Village in the Mountains ~Tehah Village BGM~
23 - To the Snowy Mountain ~Ch'olui Mountains BGM~
24 - Home of the Porpos ~Naineneis BGM~
25 - The People of the Sea ~Theme of the Porpos-kin~
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Arrival on the Great Plains ~World Map BGM 2~
02 - Shining Castle of Dying Wishes ~Stronghold BGM 2~
03 - One Who Watches Over the Stars ~Zenoa's Theme~
04 - Overlapping Ravines ~Gineh Valley BGM~
05 - Village of the Proud Beast God ~Cragbark BGM~
06 - Warriors on the Great Plains ~Theme of the Furious Roar~
07 - Buried Imperial Capital ~El-Qaral Site BGM~
08 - City in the Endless Desert ~Salsabil BGM 2~
09 - Northern Hill ~Wilds of Veile BGM~
10 - Castle of Pharamond ~Pharamond Castle BGM~
11 - Nation of Pharamond ~Pharamond Town BGM~
12 - Between One Million Worlds ~Another Space BGM~
13 - Woodland Colony ~Scribe Village BGM~
14 - Woodland Nation ~Theme fo the Scribe~
15 - Scorching Hot Mountain ~Mount Svatgol BGM~
16 - Village of the Giant Tribe ~Lugenik BGM~
17 - At the End of Sorrow ~Theme of Sadness~
18 - Appearance of the Lost Civilization ~World Map BGM 3~
19 - Mysterious Ruins ~Ruins Dungeon BGM~
20 - The Twelfth Significator ~World Map BGM 4~
21 - To the Fulfilment of the One Way ~Cynas BGM 2~
22 - Tierkreis ~Door of Hope~
23 - Their Futures ~The 108 Stars Afterwards BGM~
Total Time:

Disc Three
Additional Disc
01 - Beginning Theme ~Name Input Screen BGM~
02 - Peaceful Citro ~Yadima's Farm BGM~
03 - Trades and Traders ~Trade Theme~
04 - The Married Moana ~Quest Theme~
05 - Quest Success ~Quest Achievement BGM~
06 - Quest Failure ~Quest Failure BGM~
07 - War Council ~War Council BGM~
08 - Marsinah Plains ~Field Map BGM~
09 - Fierce Fighting with the Roar Tribe! ~Furious Roar Battle BGM~
10 - Memories of a Friend from Another World ~Cougar's Memories BGM~
11 - Bitter Memory ~Tribe Past BGM~
12 - Oasis in the Desert ~Janam Desert Oasis BGM~
13 - Sword Princess ~Chrodechild's Theme~
14 - The Suffering Sister of the Night's Veil ~Blades of Night's Veil Sadness Theme~
15 - Twin Blades ~Sisters' One-to-One Fight Theme~
16 - The Princess of Two Swords ~Astrasian Princess' Theme~
17 - Shrine Maiden of the Porpos ~Neira's Theme~
18 - Ninulneda Descends! ~Possessed Neira's Theme~
19 - The Wandering "Plucking Bow" Player ~Ramin's Theme~
20 - The Power of Pent Up Anger? ~Ramin Battle BGM~
21 - Giant of a Proud Mountain ~Theme of the Rigid Folk~
22 - Theme of Fierce Fighting with the Giants ~Rigid Folk Battle BGM~
23 - Crumbled Town ~Crumbled Town BGM~
24 - Crumbled Tower ~Crumbled Tower Dungeon BGM~
25 - A King Called One ~The One King Statue BGM~
26 - Believe in Tomorrow! ~Last Battle BGM~
Total Time:

Being a long time Suikoden fan, I've always delighted in each new soundtrack due to the unique locales presented within each game. Whether it's the tribal areas of Suikoden III or the obvious Chinese influences in the original, there has never been a dearth in a variety of cultures in the Suikoden series, and this extends to the music as well. As such when visiting areas in Suikoden Tierkreis, a game with a variety of differing cultures and histories to explore, it should be no surprise that its soundtrack holds so much promise.

The soundtrack starts off with an incredible track - The Plains and the Sky. It's an exquisite track that not only composes a fresh piece of excellently crafted music but also manages to be nostalgic at the same time, bringing back fond memories of the world map in the first two games. I'm sure that all of the composers who did Suikoden Tierkreis' soundtrack are incredibly talented, but whoever composed this piece deserves special mention, it is a beautiful work of art, pure and simple.

There is also the battle theme, which is a staple in any RPG; if the battle theme is grating, or irritating, then the game itself will face an uphill battle as that will be the single, most-heard piece of music in the entire game. Suikoden games have always had incredible battle themes that remained likable even after fifty hours of play, and the battle theme for Tierkreis - Rushing into Battle - piles on the nostalgia again, like nobody's business. There is also the Victory theme, the world map theme, To The World, and many others that harken back to the PlayStation Suikoden games in terms of composition while remaining new and exciting, but if I were to elaborate on all of them, this review would become a ten page essay.

Let's move on.

The Janam Society Empire is a great track, not for its composition itself, but rather as an example of just how varied the Suikoden games are in terms of culture, right down to its music. That's not to say the track is bad, no - it's a gorgeous piece, with obvious Arabian influences permeating its every note. Definitely a highlight of the soundtrack. Similarly, the ambient, almost sterile, music from One-Street Capital, Towering Tower in the Capital, and To the Fulfillment of a Single Path are chilling in that they offer up a aural representation of the lack of free will in the main antagonist - The One King's - country.

Each piece in the soundtrack features a variety of different instruments to give off different feels, from one of ambiance to one of a homely country hamlet. Even tracks such as One Who Watches the Stars have unique, almost mystical, qualities to the music. Village of the Proud Beast God is an incredibly fitting track for a town where its people are a proud warrior race. Lastly, this deserves a special mention - War Council. Every Suikoden game has its 'strategic assessment' music, and this track is Tierkreis' version. Not to sound like a broken record but this track is bursting at the seams with influence from past Suikoden games. Some may call it lazy rehashing, but stalwart series fans will find that it's a great track.

So after all my gushing about nostalgic tunes and fresh new tracks, it should be obvious that I find Tierkreis' soundtrack to be well worth the money. It's leaps and bounds better than 90% of the soundtracks out there right now, and while it's certainly a treat for your average game music aficionado, it's a must buy for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the Suikoden series.

Reviewed by: Ashton Liu


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