Genso Suikoden OGS

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Catalog Number: KICA-7696/7
Released On: April 5, 1996
Composed By: Miki Higashino, Tappy Iwase, Setsu Taniguchi, Mayuko Kageshita, Hiroshi Tamawari
Arranged By: Tappy Iwase
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: STUDIO YOU
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Into a World of Illusions (Title BGM)
02 - Beginning Theme (Name Entry Screen BGM and More)
Chapter 1: Audience
03 - Royal Palace Consultation (Gregminster Castle BGM)
04 - Eternal Empire (From Event "The Emperor Grants You Audience")
05 - Beautiful Golden City (Gregminster BGM)
06 - Main Theme Arrange ~ Guitar Version (From Event "Returned Home")
Chapter 2: First Work
07 - Fly, Black! (From Event "Black Takes Flight")
08 - Black Forest (Lecchnaut's Mansion BGM)
09 - Touching Theme (From Event "Lecchnaut's Oracle")
10 - Tiny Characters in a Huge World (Field BGM1)
11 - Distant Mountain (Mountain BGM)
12 - Penpe (Dungeon BGM2)
13 - Confrontation with Monsters (Battle BGM)
14 - Victory Theme (Battle Victory BGM)
Chapter 3: Collapse
15 - Rock Rockland (Lenankamp / Rockland BGM)
16 - Theme of Tension ~ Ensemble Version (From Event "Attack on the Liberation Army's Hideout")
17 - Theme of Sadness ~ Ensemble Version (From Event "Odessa's Death")
Chapter 4: As Destiny Leads
18 - Eternal Flow (Seika BGM)
19 - Joy Joy Time (Sub-Game BGM)
20 - Intrusion (Dungeon BGM)
21 - Mysterious Forest (Elves' Village BGM)
22 - People of Great Pride (Dwarves' Village BGM)
23 - Theme of Despair (From Event "Burning of the Elves' Village")
24 - Peaceful People (Antei BGM)
25 - Rising Tide (Teien BGM)
26 - Strange Theme (From Event "Watch Out Flik! Kimberley's Temptation")
27 - This Sweetie is the Town Treasure (From Event "Mina's Dance")
28 - Narcy's Theme (From Event "Vansan, Milich's Speech")
29 - Gorgeous Scarleticia (Scarleticia Castle BGM)
30 - Dancing Girl (Kirov BGM)
Total Time:

Disc Two
Chapter 5: War
01 - Collision! (War BGM)
02 - Victory March (War BGM2)
03 - Tense Crisis (Single Combat BGM)
04 - Theme of Sadness ~ Guitar Version (From Event "Teo's Death")
Chapter 6: The Explained Puzzle
05 - Inside the Silence (Qlon Temple BGM)
06 - Gathering of Warriors (Warriors' Village BGM)
07 - Theme of Tension ~ Impact Version (From Event "Neclord Appears")
08 - This is Just a Rumor (From Event "Zorak's Speech")
09 - Forgotten Days (Village of the Secret Crest BGM)
10 - Passacaglia (Neclord's Castle BGM)
11 - Main Theme Arranged ~ Ensemble Version (From Event "Hix the Hero")
12 - Island Fortress (Liberation Army Headquarters BGM1)
13 - Glorious Island Fortress (Liberation Army Headquarters BGM2)
14 - Blue Oceans, Blue Skies (Field BGM2)
15 - An Old Irish Song (Dragon Knights' Fortress)
16 - Gate (Moravia Castle / Checkpoint BGM)
Chapter 7: Last Fight
17 - Theme of a Moonlit Night (From Event "The Night Before the Decisive Battle")
18 - Theme of the Advancing Army (War BGM3)
19 - Echoes of the Changed Past (Gregminster in Ruins BGM)
20 - Ultimate Enemy (Boss Enemy BGM)
21 - Theme of Tension ~ Tama-dator (From Event "Escape")
22 - REQUIEM (Ending BGM)
23 - Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao ~After the Battle~ (Ending BGM)
Bonus Tracks
24 - Tropical Bath ~ FURO-mix (Bath BGM3)
25 - Cursed Bath "Long Steam Baths are Taboo" (Bath BGM4)
26 - Theme of Thoughtlessness (Player Defeat BGM)
27 - Gakkuri (Jingle 1)
28 - Fanfare (Jingle 2)
Total Time:

Genso Suikoden OGS was a phenomenal breakthrough for Konami, marking a spot for them in what seemed to be a new style of VGM in itself...Impossible to describe, but great to listen to.

If you have played a significant amount of Suikoden, you should know that you are not only in the majority of RPG Fans out there to have played it, and that you are much more likely to enjoy this soundtrack than those who haven't played the game. Because almost every track is used only in one specific occasion, each song will take you back to different spots in the game.

The highlights of this soundtrack are most definitely the opening and ending tracks. The opening is epic, but not heavy. The ending, a choral vocal singing in some romance language (Italian? Portugese? I don't know), left the gamers with a definite feeling of accomplishment (even MORE definite if you got all 108 characters)...If you never played the game, the song still leaves you feeling satisfied with the soundtrack itself. It feels like every track before it was written just to build up to that point.

The soundtrack is quality through and through...No track is worth skipping, each is uniquely enjoyable. Many tracks have synth vocal sounds in them...I don't know about you, but I couldn't tell the difference between synth and real if I tried. Check out disc 1 track 24's sample to see what I mean. The only little problem I see in this whole soundtrack is track placement...specifically, throwing the cute little bonus tracks after what would be the ending of the storyline. It sort of bothers me, hearing this wonderful piece and then hearing these little "bleep-blip-you got some treasure!" themes. Other than that, I cannot see why one wouldn't want this soundtrack.

If you own any other Suikoden soundtrack but for some reason never managed to pick this up, there is probably something wrong with you. If you haven't heard any Suikoden music yet, I'll consider not deeming it a crime as long as you hastily buy this soundtrack. Game Music Online sells Genso Suikoden OGS for $43...That's $21 a disc for a soundtrack that is likely to become rare after this and a few other online stores run out of stock with it.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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