Genso Suikoden II OGS Complete

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Catalog Number: KICA-7931~4 (regular editions KICA-7935/6 and KICA-7937/8)
Released On: December 23, 1998
Composed By: Miki Higashino, Keiko Fukami (3-03, 3-08~13)
Arranged By: Miki Higashino, Atsushi Sato
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: STUDIO YOU, Warsaw Philharmonic Hall, Syn Studio, King Records Sekiguchidai Studio
Format: 4 CDs
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Volume 1
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Volume 2

Genso Suikoden II OGS Vol.1

Disc One
01 - Opening BGM
02 - Name Entry Screen BGM
Chapter 1 "Beginning"
03 - Enemy Attack (from Event "Enemy Attack")
04 - Suspicion (from Event "Enemy Attack")
05 - The Desire to Triumph (Common Battle BGM)
06 - Results (Battle Victory BGM)
07 - Reminiscence (Opening Staff Roll BGM)
Chapter 2 "Escape From the Fortress"
08 - Those That Don't Work Don't Deserve to Eat (Viktor's Fortress BGM)
09 - The First Job (from Event "Viktor's Fortress")
10 - The Next Job (from Event "Viktor's Fortress")
11 - Are You Going to Eat that Carrot? (from Event "Escape")
12 - Escape (from Event "Escape")
Chapter 3 "Meeting New Party Members During the Journey"
13 - Voice of the Peaceful Mountain Villager Bochou (Ryube BGM)
14 - Street Performing (from Event "Gypsies")
15 - Adventurous Journey (World Map BGM 1)
16 - Labyrinth ~ PENPE2 (Dungeon BGM)
17 - A Powerful Enemy Appears (Mid Boss BGM)
Chapter 4 "Heading For One's Home Town"
18 - Nostalgia (Kyaro BGM)
19 - Beautiful Morning (Morning BGM)
20 - The King's March (from Event "To the Execution Site")
21 - Rescue (from Event "Flik and Company's Entry")
22 - Reminiscence ~Strings Version~ (from Event "Parting")
Chapter 5 "The Mentally Disturbed Imperial Prince Luca Blight"
23 - Children Are Playing In The Fields (Toto BGM)
24 - Massacre (from Event "Attack on Ryube Village")
25 - Tension (from Event "Luca's Crimes")
26 - War (War BGM)
27 - Collapse (from Event "Burning Fortress")
Chapter 6 "The Boys' Ceremony"
28 - Distant Stars (Leknaat's Theme)
29 - Bygone Days (from Event "The Boys' Ceremony")
Total Time:

Disc Two
Chapter 7 "Heading For Muse"
01 - Amid the Silence (White Deer Inn BGM)
02 - Let's Climb That Hill (Muse BGM)
03 - Quiet Room (City Hall BGM)
04 - Theme for a Narcissist Again (Theme of Vincent, Simone)
05 - Theme of A Moonlit Night (from Event "In Jail")
06 - Reconnaissance Mission (from Event "Reconnaissance")
07 - Allied Armies Forver (from Event "Hilltop Meeting")
Chapter 8 "Heading For South Window"
08 - If You Listen Carefully (Coronet BGM, etc.)
09 - Ah, Beautiful Dancer (Kuskus BGM)
10 - Nahara Yan Kun (South Window BGM)
11 - Passacaglia With Chorus (from Event "To North Window")
12 - Fugue "Praise to My Master" (North Window Castle BGM)
Chapter 9 "Shu"
13 - Her Sigh (Radat BGM)
14 - Dandy Richmond (Richmond's Theme)
15 - Relaxation BGM 1 (from Event "Flood Gate")
16 - Tactics (Situation Explanation BGM)
17 - Relaxation Time (Headquarters BGM 1)
18 - Folklore (from Event "Old Man Genkaku's Past")
Total Time:

Genso Suikoden II OGS Vol.2

Disc Three
Chapter 10 "Two Rivers"
01 - Carried On Rippling Waves (Lakewest BGM)
02 - Every Day Is A Carnival (Two River BGM)
03 - We Are the Number One! (Kobold Village BGM)
04 - Two Rivers (Winghorde Residential District BGM)
Chapter 11 "Headquarters"
05 - A Bustling Town (Headquarters BGM 2)
06 - Song of the DoReMi Elf (Do Re Mi Dance BGM)
07 - Song of the DoReMi Elf (Battle Mode)
08 - On A Sunny Day (Viewing Platform BGM)
09 - The Sea Is Vast (Mini Game 1 "Fishing" BGM Normal Mode)
10 - One Chance to Win (Mini Game 1 "Fishing" BGM Battle Mode)
11 - Rock! Rock! Climbing (Mini Game 2 "Cliff Climbing" BGM)
12 - Whack to Your Heart's Content (Mini Game 3 "Whack-A-Mole" BGM)
13 - Let's Dance With Karen (Mini Game 4 "Let's Dance With Karen" BGM)
14 - Theme of Temptation ~Asian Dub Mix~ (Mini Game 5 "Chinchirorin" BGM, etc.)
15 - Curtains, Lights, Cooking Showdown (Cooking Showdown Theme Song)
16 - Cooking Selection (Menu Selection BGM)
17 - One Minute Showdown (During Cooking Showdown BGM)
18 - The Strong Man's Entry (Hai Yo Entry BGM)
19 - Victory (Win Jingle)
20 - Defeat (Loss Jingle)
21 - Orrizonte (Anneli Band)
22 - Due Fiumi ~Two Rivers~ (Anneli Band)
23 - La Mia Tristezza (Anneli Band)
Chapter 12 "Greenhill"
24 - Captured Town (Greenhill Before Liberation BGM)
25 - Ghost Story (from Event "Ghost Chase")
26 - Chase (from Event "Ghost Chase")
27 - A Prayer To My Mother (from Event "The Day Greenhill Fell")
28 - Relaxation BGM 3 (from Event "Teresa's Rescue")
29 - Freedom Again (Greenhill After Liberation BGM)
Chapter 13 "Heading For the Matilda Knights"
30 - To A More Distant Place (World Map BGM 2)
31 - Young Heroes (from Event "The Knights' Entry")
32 - Proud Saraband (The Matilda Knights BGM)
33 - A Man Named Gorudo (Gorudo BGM)
34 - Sacrificial Feast (from Event "Beast Rune")
35 - Relaxation BGM 2 (from Event "Pride of a Knight")
36 - Ceremony (from Event "Agares' Assassination")
37 - Unrest (from Event "Agares' Assassination")
Total Time:

Disc Four
Chapter 14 "Alliance With the Toran Republic"
01 - Praise of Peace (Toran Republic Castle BGM)
02 - The Even More Glorious Beautiful Golden Capital (Gregminster BGM)
03 - Gremio's Special Stew (from Free Event "Gremio")
04 - Confrontation With Monsters Again (Battle BGM 2)
05 - Distant Skies (Banner BGM)
06 - Hidden Village of the Ninja (Rokkaku Village BGM)
Chapter 15 "Luca's End"
07 - Cornered (Battle BGM ~ Luca Battle)
08 - Mad Luca (Duel BGM ~ Luca Battle)
09 - The Evil One (from Event "Luca's Last Moments")
Chapter 16 "Tint's Highwayman"
10 - Withered Earth (Tinto BGM)
11 - Town on the Outskirts of Tinto (Crom BGM)
12 - Gothic Neclord (Battle BGM ~ Neclord Battle)
Chapter 17 "The Capture of the Matilda Knights"
13 - Fist of Anger (Battle BGM ~ Gorudo Battle)
14 - Reqiuem of Sadness (Sadness Theme)
15 - Wave Our Flag (from Event "Rockaxe Battle")
Chapter 18 "The Final Battle"
16 - Time for the Showdown (Duel BGM ~ Han Battlefield)
17 - Silver Wolf (Battle BGM ~ Silver Wolf Battle)
18 - Chant ~In Knowing You, I Embraced Life; In Losing You, I Discovered Death~
19 - Ending March ~When Will We Meet Again (The 108 Afterwards)~ Coda
20 - La Passione Commuove La Storia ~Passion Affects History~
21 - Victory (Staff Roll BGM)
Total Time:

Suikoden II's complete original game soundtrack spans four discs (that's four times the size that the game comes in). While there are plenty of "remake" tracks from the original Suikoden, there is also plenty of new music to keep Suikoden fans coming back for more.

I would have to say that, above all other things, the flaw of this soundtrack is quantity vs quality (not sound quality...the soundtrack excels with synth usage); especially if you haven't played the game. For those who have (and this sort of philosophy works for many games), every track brings back a nostalgia of different scenes where that music played. If you haven't played the game, a lot of tracks will just feel like "filler" music, a complaint heard many times when comparing this soundtrack to the first game's soundtrack.

There are a pretty significant amount of vocal tracks throughout the game (lyrical or otherwise), and each one is enjoyable. Along with those vocals, other "performed" tracks such as the opening are some of the best things Konami has put out for RPG music. The sound quality has been improved from the first, plenty of old songs have been redone to near perfection, and you are left with one very, VERY large soundtrack.

Unlike the first Suikoden OGS, Konami made what I thought to be a proper choice in having all of the "cheesy mini-tracks" in BEFORE the staff roll music. Most of this type of music is found on vol. 2 disc 1 (tracks 6-20 seem to be the brunt of such songs). The next three tracks are all vocals in Portuguese, a tradition started with the only vocal on the first Suikoden. "Due Fiumi" later became "Currents" on Orrizonte and SuikoGaiden OST 1, and the lyrics were changed to English (though the lyrics don't translate to the same meaning). Of all the discs, most of the "filler" music is on vol. 1 disc 2, many of those tracks are not outstanding by any means.

The only difference between the special edition and regular editions is a light-blue case that slips over the two regular cases, which have packaging the EXACT same for both regular and limited editions. So, if you spend your time hunting down the limited edition, know that all you're getting is an extra paper-sleeve. For those of you willing to settle for the regular editions, Play-Asia sells Vol.1 and Vol.2 for $33 each.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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