Genso Suikoden III OST

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Catalog Number: KMCA-164/5
Released On: July 24, 2002
Composed By: Michiru Yamane, Takashi Yoshida, Masahiko Kimura, HIMEKAMI, Keiko Fukami
Arranged By: Michiru Yamane, Takashi Yoshida, Masahiko Kimura, Keiko Fukami
Published By: Konami Music Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Transcending Love (Genso Suikoden III Opening)
02 - Wind Blowing from the Hills (Hugo's Opening)
03 - The Wind and the Earth (Karaya Village BGM)
04 - Journey (World Map BGM)
05 - City on the Bridge (Fort of the Zexen Knights)
06 - Tension 1
07 - A Warrior's Pride (Inside Brass Castle BGM)
08 - A Day Amidst Dripping Trees (Zexen Forest BGM)
09 - Wild Soul (Battle BGM 1)
10 - And Now, The Results! (Battle Results Display BGM)
11 - Vinay Del Zexay
12 - Assault
13 - Escape
14 - The Glittering Blade
15 - Toppo•Nei•Shabon's Theme
16 - Narcy's Theme ~Again and Again~
17 - Let's Go on an Adventure! (Battle BGM 2)
18 - Pinch 1
19 - Don't Lose to Guillaume! (Guillaume Battle BGM)
20 - Beneath the Moonlight (Holy Knights of Roa BGM 2)
21 - Triumphant Return (Holy Knights of Roa BGM 3)
22 - Chris's Parade (Chris's Opening)
23 - The Council (Bine Del Zex Council BGM)
24 - Conversation 1
25 - Temple (Bine Del Zex Temple)
26 - Shining Grassland (Amul Plains BGM)
27 - Footsteps Approach (Truce Agreement BGM)
28 - Hurry to Karaya! (Amul Plains - Evening BGM)
29 - Karaya Ablaze
30 - Grief
31 - They're Blocking the Road (Battle BGM 3)
32 - Green Tombstone (Lulu's Resting Place BGM)
33 - Little Duck (Duck Village BGM)
34 - Conversation 2
35 - Detective Kidd's Theme
36 - Underground Corridor (Shortcut BGM)
37 - The Rustling Wind (Yaza Plains BGM)
38 - Sudden Battle (Battle BGM 4)
39 - The Great Cave
40 - Reunion
41 - Conversation 3
42 - Reminiscence
43 - A Pleasant Pasture
44 - Play Cards!
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Harvest Festival (Ixe Village BGM)
02 - Pinch 2
03 - Scattering Sparks (Battle BGM 5)
04 - Sunset Melody (Ixe Village - Sunset)
05 - Bright Farming Village (Chishan Village BGM)
06 - Tension 2
07 - Pounding Hooves (Army Battle BGM)
08 - To the Sealed Land (Kupto Forest BGM)
09 - Mysterious People (Alma Kinan Village BGM)
10 - Future Road ~Cross the Mountain~ (Mountain Road BGM)
11 - Reliable Merchants (Caleria BGM)
12 - A Chill Wind (Rupeak BGM)
13 - False Altar (Senai Mountain BGM)
14 - Abandoned Mine (Northern Cave BGM)
15 - Land of the Stone Stage (Land of the Stone Stage BGM)
16 - Fiery Rapport (TSS Menu BGM)
17 - Castle on the Lake Shore (Headquarters BGM)
18 - Koroku's Theme
19 - A Quiet Night Under the Moon (Headquarters - Night BGM)
20 - Stealthy Feet (Headquarters - Underground BGM)
21 - Sortie! (Sortie BGM)
22 - Searching for a Hero of Long Ago (Land Awaiting the Hero of the Flame BGM)
23 - Conversation 4
24 - One Step Forward, One Step Back (Battle BGM 7)
25 - Midwinter Land (Shindar Ruins BGM)
26 - Pinch 3
27 - Circle Palace (Circle Palace BGM)
28 - Complicated Thoughts (Land of Ritual BGM)
29 - Last Victory or Last Defeat (Battle BGM 7)
30 - Everyone's Smile ~Epilogue for the 108~
31 - To Peaceful Days (Staff Roll BGM)
32 - Way of the Broom
Total Time:

Suikoden has always been a game about the unification of cultures in order to triumph over threat. Although there may not be any immediate danger in need of conquering, the same principle of diversified culture joined together is present in the musical score of the game, as well. In fact, you could say that the project was so grand that it required the talents of three great composers in order to accomplish such a feat to accurately represent Suikoden III. Michiru Yamane, Takashi Yoshida, and Masahiko Kimura form a trinity of their own, mirroring the game's own heroes, and bless the latest installment of the Suikoden series with music as epic as the game itself.

To many, Suikoden III's OST will be a welcomed trip of nostalgia; many of the previous installments themes are included in the new one. Along with both battle themes from Suikoden I and II, character-type themes have also been carried over, such as the well-known "zany French-theme" and the somber theme of reminiscence. If that's not enough, Suikoden III also boasts new songs for fans to fall in love with, most of which are done in the well known style of the Suikoden games: reflective of various cultures and empowering, significant and befitting of the situation.

The Suiko-series is also famous for amazing intro themes, established first with Suikoden II, then later with both Suikogaiden games. A song rich with tribal drums and thundering gongs, mysterious chanting and teasing flutes play alongside the game's anime intro, leaving player's stunned and desperately groping for more. There's no real way to describe the assorted tracks that are laced into the game. Most have an oriental feel to them, deeply ethnic and rich with culture. Others reflect Western Europe, and some even seem to have African origins to them. But, as other games have shown, diversity in music strengthens the scenes they accompany. Often these songs burn themselves into the minds of the players. So, if the scene is recalled, the song is remembered, or if the song is hummed, the scene floods back into memory. Thus the desired effect is achieved.

Suikoden III's soundtrack is for both fans of the series and newcomers alike. For those familiar to the series, the alluring factor of nostalgia that this soundtrack carries will be a strongpoint. If the game is foreign to you, then embrace the unique style and suitable tastes this soundtrack holds as a reason to purchase it. Two discs, seventy-six tracks, eighty percent of which are memorable tracks. If the game was an experience for you, then allow the music to continue its epic legacy and seal a place for both in your mind.

Reviewed by: Christopher Holzworth


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