Generation of Chaos Complete Bonus Soundtrack

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Catalog Number: N/A
Released On: February 28, 2006
Composed By: Kenichi Kikawa
Arranged By: Kenichi Kikawa
Published By: NIS America
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Dravanian Glory!
02 - A Tale of 10 Kingdoms
03 - Field March
04 - Perilous Journey
05 - Gallant Stride
06 - Quest for Justice
07 - A Stay Tuned Tune
08 - Triumphant Return
09 - Objective Composition
10 - Raging Dragons Roar
11 - The Battlefield Song
12 - Behold the Mighty Dragon King
13 - Fight for Life
14 - A Good Day To Die
15 - A Hero's End
16 - This Game of Mine (Long)
17 - This Game of Mine (Short)
18 - This Game of Mine (Mariachi Mix)
19 - Chapter
20 - The End of Light
21 - A Fairy's Melody 1
22 - A Fairy's Melody 2
23 - The Blessing
24 - The Gentle Song of Prayer
25 - A Bunny's Holiday
26 - A Stroll Through Upper Yard
27 - Betrayal of the Son
28 - GOC Elevator Theme
29 - Love Lost
30 - Retribution
31 - A Final Showdown
32 - Catastrophic Desperation
33 - Enraged Desperation Long
34 - Enraged Desperation Short
35 - The Last Stand
36 - The Test of Might
37 - A Serene End
38 - End of the Beginning 1
39 - End of the Beginning 2
40 - End of the Beginning (Polaris Remix)
41 - Escape From Roses
42 - Journey's End
43 - Justice Always Prevails
44 - Ominous Prelude
45 - Righteous March
46 - Freedom of Liberation
Total Time:

Previously released as part (the largest part) of "Generation of Chaos OST The Best," the music of Generation of Chaos IV can now be found in a bonus release from NIS America. That's right, the PSP GoC title is actually a port of the fourth game in the series...the first to come to America. What should we make of this interesting little bonus soundtrack?

Well, first, there are some problems with the way in which the music comes to us. Do the math: 31 minutes, 46 songs. Yeah, it looks like NIS America recorded these songs themselves and put fadeouts on them mighty early, because most tracks don't reach the one minute mark. Yikes. Even though these 46 tracks are many more than what was found on GoC "The Best", the shorter track lengths are a real problem.

The music itself is decent. It's certainly better than the soundtrack for the first Generation of Chaos title. The primary complaint I'd level against Kikawa-san is that many of these songs sound like the same thing with little variation. That's never a good sign. We get the idea: majestic imperial marches and symphonic-style battle themes. None of them hold a candle to, say, Final Fantasy Tactics OST. So, it's alright, but not great.

If you're looking for a PSP title that is new (to the US at least), this game may be the one to pick up. And, in that case, you may as well try and spring for the bonus soundtrack. Otherwise, collectors be warned: it's lacking in many ways, as I have already described.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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