Generation of Chaos OST

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Catalog Number: KICA-5061
Released On: September 5, 2001
Composed By: Toru Kobayashi, Ataru Sumiyoshi, Mari Sasaki
Arranged By: Nobuhiro Makino, Mari Sasaki
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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01 - The Place of Happiness
02 - The Will of Succeeding People
03 - Preparations for Battle
04 - First Day of Battle
05 - Faster than the Wind
06 - Together Under the Same Flag
07 - Significance of What We're Fighting For
08 - Like a Raging Fire
09 - A Transient Era
10 - Time of the Setting Sun
11 - Inside the Ramparts
12 - Wish for Peace Among Men
13 - Illusions
14 - The Eastern Country
15 - Sky Corridor
16 - Forbidden Earth
17 - Both Sides of the Heart
18 - Transience
19 - As a Human
20 - A Short Rest
21 - For the Believers
22 - Victory
23 - Risking Your Life
24 - Defeat
25 - A New World
26 - Obtained Item
27 - At the End of Hope
28 - Military Nation
29 - Bygone Days
30 - Let's Look to the Sky
Total Time:

Developed by Idea Factory, Generation of Chaos was the first in a series of strategy RPGs. As of early 2006, the four games in the series have only brought about two soundtracks: this one, and a "The Best" album from Team Entertainment. Those who take the time to research "The Best" album will notice that only 3 of the album's 30-some tracks are from the first title. There's a reason for this: the OST for the first Generation of Chaos is atrocious. It's worse than Langrisser Millenium. That's a bad thing.

The two exceptions to the rule are the opening and ending vocals. For the opening, Nana Mizuki brings to life a strong pop song. Mami Kingetsu sings a softer and more soothing ending theme. These songs were mediocre, and hence the best part of the album. I prefer the opening vocal to the ending, but then again, the opening is a mere 90 seconds long.

The rest is generally a bunch of droning synth horns and boring snare drums. Don't believe me? Listen to the samples. I promise you, they're bad. Many songs simply lack a melody. Others have an ugly melody. Toru Kobayashi is a name I hadn't heard before...I have a feeling there aren't many other VGM soundtracks by this composer.

Generation of Chaos is an interesting series, and the later games have pretty good music, but as for this first title, I recommend you stay far away from this one. This shouldn't be too hard, considering it's out of print and fairly difficult to find.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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