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Grandia II ~Povo~

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Catalog Number: TRCD-10014
Released On: October 13, 2000
Composed By: Noriyuki Iwadare
Arranged By: Noriyuki Iwadare
Published By: Two Five Records
Recorded At: Sound Inn TWOFIVE Studio
Format: 1 CD

01 - Memory of the Gods (Full Version)
02 - The Sairam Kingdom ~ Prosperity and Freedom
03 - LIVE! LIVE!! LIVE!!!
04 - Sairam Castle
05 - Announcement at Sairam Kingdom ~ March
06 - Romance at a Windy Isle
07 - The Moon of Valmar
08 - Have Faith in Yourself
09 - Evil Root of Destruction
10 - FIGHT!! Ver.3 ~ Middle Boss Battle
11 - "Heh, They Didn't Even Get to Fight Back!"
12 - Skye's Reminiscence
13 - The Town of Nanan ~ Overwhelming Nature
14 - Traditional Song ~ The Villager's Chorus
15 - Despair and Hope
16 - The Ones Hidden Within the Darkness (Mix Version)
17 - Elegy
18 - Collapse
19 - The Mythical World
20 - Valmar
21 - A Farewell, and Decision
22 - Awakening Ryudo ~ Prayers of the People
23 - FIGHT!! Ver.4 ~ The Final Battle
24 - Cançao Do Povo
Total Time:

Grandia II: Povo is the second of two CD soundtracks containing the original music from Game Arts' RPG masterpiece. Deus encompassed the majority of the music for the first, brighter half of the game, while Povo encompasses the rest, which has darker, moodier songs, various sadness-inspiring themes, and a few others. If you were to see the back of the CD cases, on Deus, Granas, the good god was shown brightly, with the tracklist printed on the opposing side. On Povo, Valmar, the evil god, is shown brightly, with the tracklist printed on top of Granas this time. Clever.

There are a few really beautiful piano themes on this CD, each accompanied by various instruments such as flutes, violins, and so forth, really nice. There are also three vocal songs on the CD, all three basically the same song, entitled "Cancao do povo", each having different vocals but the same lyrics, the first being a crowd of villagers on track 14, the second having Elena starting off and a group of people joining in afterwards on track 22, and just Elena with some background music on track 24. Perhaps it is the event in the game at which it played that is making me think in this way, but I favor track 22 out of the three, as it starts off rather quiet, seemingly distant with Elena's voice, and it slowly grows louder, then hitting with other people joining in the song. Quite touching.

As with Deus, I highly recommend Povo to all RPG music fans. "FIGHT!! Ver.3~Middle Boss Battle" is a scarily catchy battle song, and "Despair And Hope" is one of the best sad themes I've heard in a long time, and with a copy of this soundtrack in your CD player, you'll be listening to the music for months.

Reviewed by: Jason Walton


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