Granado Espada Renaissance OST Vol.3
Catalog Number: N/A
Released On: August 13, 2010
Composed By: S.F.A, Osamu Kubota, soundTeMP, TaQ
Arranged By: S.F.A, Osamu Kubota, soundTeMP, TaQ
Published By: Hanbit Ubiquitous Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 3 CDs

Disc One
01 - Ice symphony
02 - Fire hill
03 - Mother
04 - Arpeggione sonata
05 - Flag of ghost
06 - Rhapsody
07 - La vistazo
08 - Akashic record
09 - Come on my boy (MR)
10 - Helter-Skelter
11 - Pray for soul
12 - Rapid eye
13 - Maya
14 - Impressive
15 - Ocean dream
16 - Resurrection
17 - Tocata trance saw
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Batista
02 - 2step blue
03 - Watersky
04 - Death book
05 - Wind slasher
06 - Tears of witch
07 - Hiding wings
08 - Jazzyshow
09 - Fame or die
10 - Jeremy
11 - Paradiso
12 - Como loco
13 - Deatholic
14 - Just to know
15 - Succubus
16 - Gorefest
17 - El momento pasado
18 - Poca Esperanza
19 - Matar fiesta
Total Time:

Disc Three
01 - Discipline
02 - Flamengo fighters
03 - Halem swanlake
04 - The beach shade
05 - Chillout blue
06 - Anchorsia
07 - Vamos bravo
08 - Liesberato
09 - Para variar
10 - Aventura etnica
11 - Bring cadenza
12 - Dark temple
13 - Return of afterglow
14 - Unrealistc dream
15 - Helios
16 - The last of chaos
17 - Come on my boy (with H)
18 - In celebration of 2006 korea grand award game of year
Total Time:

This promotional/gift soundtrack actually had two packaging versions. The inner contents were the same, it was just the outer box that was different.

Editor's Note: If you're wondering, "where is the review for the Volume 2 soundtrack? You skipped from 1 to 3?" The answer is that RPGFan does not review digital-only releases, and that's exactly what the Vol.2 soundtrack was. Strangely, the Vol.3 soundtrack was printed as not just a physical CD album, but it comes in two packaging varieties.

Admission of bias: whenever Japanese and Korean composers work together, I'm immediately intrigued. The tension and sense of competition between these countries, particularly in the realm of gaming and other media, has always bugged me. I'm much more interested in cooperation than in competition and the ego-trip that comes with it.

That's why I like the DJMax rhythm games, and it's also why I like the soundtrack for the MMORPG Granado Espada. Osamu Kubota, S.F.A., and others worked together on this soundtrack. Talk about a win!

But what about the music itself? Perhaps you're not like me, and you don't give a rip whether or not bridges are built in working on game music. Well ... you're in for a strange treat.

There is no one cohesive musical style, but let me try and paint a picture. Start with Baroque-era instruments: organ, harpsichord, violin/viola/cello, flute, and of course choirs (gender-specific or mixed, your call). Throw down an ambient dance/trance beat. Spice it up with some piano solos. Allow one voice from the choir to take center stage and become the soloist.

That method, and variations upon it, account for about 50% of the music on this three disc set. The rest use at least some pieces from the aforementioned list, but will either add a touch of East Asian instrumentation or will go a completely modern/postmodern electronic route.

Let me point you to one of the strangest songs here: "Discipline." The focus of this piece is a unique male-only choir. At times singing, at other times chanting, and always repetitious, this piece of music challenges my very understanding of "what works" in game music scores. I don't love it, but I certainly do admire it.

Final verdict: this music is very good, but it's often quite weird. It may irritate some listeners, and it's not a personal favorite of mine, but others (especially Granado Espada players) are sure to treasure it.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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