.hack//Game Music Best Collection
Catalog Number: 013023522428
Released On: March 16, 2004
Composed By: Chikayo Fukuda, Seizo Nakata, Norikatsu Fukuda
Arranged By: Chikayo Fukuda, Seizo Nakata, Norikatsu Fukuda
Published By: Geneon Entertainment
Recorded At: Sunrise Studios
Format: 1 CD

01 - rtown0 Server Water Capital Aqua Anu
02 - stage01 Field Prairie Rain As a General Rule-Combat
03 - aura1 Aura's Theme
04 - blackrose BlackRose's Theme
05 - cathedral The Concealed Forbidden Sanctuary
06 - str9_2 Balmung Appears then the Virus Bug
07 - mia Mia's Theme
08 - piroshi Piroshi's Theme
09 - rtown1 Server Highland City Dun Loireag
10 - ev05 Phase 1 Skeith
11 - str10 A Recollection of Volume 1(The Birth of Cubia)
12 - str11 Lios ~ Helba
13 - ev10 Phase 2 Innis
14 - rtown2 Server Cultural City Carmina Gadelica
15 - dgn03 Field Forest As a General Rule-Combat
16 - ev00 Net Slum
17 - ev11 Phase 3 Magus
18 - rtown5 Server Aerial City Fort Ouph
19 - ev13 Phase 4 Fidchell
20 - puti Putiguso's Theme
21 - ev14 Phase 5 Gorre
22 - str19 Macha's Arrival
23 - ev17 Phase 6 Macha
24 - rtown6 Server Relic City Lia Fail
25 - ev20 Cubia The Fourth Level
26 - ev18 Phase 7 Tarvos
27 - ev19_1 Phase 8 Corbenik The First-The Second Levels
28 - str21 Drain Heart
29 - ending Ending
30 - staff4 Volume 4 Staff Roll
31 - str32 Resurrection of Mia•A Revolution Fantasy
Total Time:

Note: this album was one of the few printed in the US as a "for sale" item. Most US-released albums are preorder bonuses and otherwise promotional items. Keep that in mind.

When .hack hit the American audience, there was an initial craze for solid content. Though the response was delayed, in 2004 Geneon Entertainment published some interesting products, including this one disc "Best" soundtrack based on the Japanese two disc "Perfect" soundtrack.

I also reviewed the two disc incarnation, and while I wouldn't say all of these tracks are the "best" from the old perfect collection (where are the "stage" tracks?), I think it is a pretty decent compilation. It covers the standard town, character, battle, and environment themes, and hits all my favorite ending tracks.

If there's one thing I will say against this print, it's that I still would have preferred they directly ported the entire two disc soundtrack from Japan. There really is a lot of solid music missing from this "Best of" album. Generally, every US-ported soundtrack we get comes as a one disc deal, regardless of its origin. Both Final Fantasy IX and X OSTs got shrunk to one disc "Best Selections," making it insanely difficult to pick and choose which tracks ought to belong on a "best" CD (certainly a loaded term).

I strongly respect Chikayo Fukuda and his sound team for the music they've made, and I'm glad it was one of the few Japanese soundtracks to get an English port for sale in stores. It's still a pretty easy find at shops like Amazon, and if the samples don't convince you that it's a decent soundtrack, that's about the only reason you shouldn't support these products being brought to an American audience.

and I'll say it again: .hack RULEZ! it also Pwnz.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann