.hack//Game Music Perfect Collection
Catalog Number: VICL-61116/7 (limited edition VIZL-78)
Released On: April 23, 2003
Composed By: Chikayo Fukuda, Seizo Nakata, Norikatsu Fukuda
Arranged By: Chikayo Fukuda, Seizo Nakata, Norikatsu Fukuda
Published By: Victor Entertainment
Recorded At: Sunrise Studios
Format: 2 CDs (limited edition includes an 8cm sound effects collection)
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Disc One
01 - title (Title)
02 - desktop (Desktop)
03 - toppage ("The World" Top Page)
04 - rtown0 (Δ Water Capital Server Mac Anu)
05 - rtown1 (Θ Alpine City Server Dun Loireag)
06 - rtown2 (Λ Culture City Server Carmina Gardelica)
07 - rtown5 (Σ Sky City Server Fort Auf)
08 - rtown6 (Ω Historic City Server Lia Fail)
09 - puti_farm (Puchiguso Pasture)
10 - stage01 (Common Prairie Rain Field ~ Battle)
11 - stage04 (Common WastelandField ~ Battle)
12 - stage08 (Common Earth Field ~ Battle)
13 - stage12 (Common Wilderness Field ~ Battle)
14 - stage17 (Common Snowy Night Field ~ Battle)
15 - stage19 (Common Desert Field ~ Battle)
16 - stage21 (Common Scorching Field ~ Battle)
17 - dgn03 (Common Forest Field ~ Battle)
18 - dgn00 (Common Stonewall Dungeon ~ Battle)
19 - dgn01 (Common Cave Dungeon ~ Battle)
20 - dgn10 (Common Castle Dungeon ~ Battle)
21 - dgn02 (Common Meatwall Dungeon ~ Battle)
22 - ev05 (Phase No. 1 Skeith)
23 - ev10 (Phase No. 2 Innis)
24 - ev11 (Phase No. 3 Magus)
25 - ev13 (Phase No. 4 Findell)
26 - ev14 (Phase No. 5 Gore)
27 - ev17 (Phase No. 6 Maha)
28 - ev18 (Phase No. 7 Tarvos)
29 - ev19_1 (Phase No. 8 Korbenik 1st and 2nd Stage)
30 - ev19_2 (Phase No. 8 Korbenik 3rd Stage)
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Loop1 (Vol. 1 Opening)
02 - aura (Aura's Theme)
03 - blackrose (Blackrose's Theme)
04 - cathedral (Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground)
05 - str9_1 (First Time at the Holy Ground With Blackrose)
06 - str9_2 (Balmung's Entry and the Virus)
07 - mia (Mia's Theme)
08 - piroshi (Piroshi's Theme)
09 - str01 (Kubia's Birth)
10 - staff1 (Vol. 1 ~ Vol. 3 Staff Roll)
11 - ev07 (Airship Brigade)
12 - bonus0 (800 Significant Seasons Bonus Track Panta-kimi)
13 - Loop2 (Vol. 2 Opening)
14 - str10 (Vol. 1 Recollection, Kubia's Birth)
15 - str11 (Ryosu ~ Helba)
16 - ev00 (Net Slums)
17 - aura2 (Aura and Kubia)
18 - ev06 (Kubia No. 1 ~ No. 3 Stage)
19 - ev08 (Inverted Castle City)
20 - dgn12_2 (Inverted Castle City ~ Angorumoa)
21 - bonus1 (800 Significant Seasons Bonus Track TEMPEST)
22 - Loop3 (Vol. 3 Opening)
23 - str17 (Kite and Blackrose in Λ Town)
24 - str30 (Soryou and Sukeisu)
25 - puti (Puchiguso's Theme)
26 - puti_win2 (Puchiguso's Race Victory Medley)
27 - ev09 (Flying Creature)
28 - bonus2 (800 Significant Seasons Bonus Track Cyan & Princess Teria)
29 - Loop4 (Vol. 4 Opening)
30 - str19 (Maha's Appearance)
31 - str20 (Mia's Death)
32 - ev20 (Kubia's 4th Phase)
33 - str21 (Drain Heart)
34 - ending (Ending)
35 - staff4 (Vol. 4 Staff Roll)
36 - str32 (Recurring Illusions of Mia's Resurrection)
37 - bonus3 (800 Significant Seasons Bonus Track Tail Concerto)
38 - bonus4 (800 Significant Seasons Bonus Track .hack MIX)
Total Time:

Disc Three
Sound Effects Collection
01 - dtpOp Desktop (Open)
02 - T_apriSlct Desktop (Application Select)
03 - T_menuFix Desktop (Decision)
04 - T_cursor Desktop (Cursor Movement)
05 - T_cancel Desktop (Cancel)
06 - T_sendMail Desktop (Mail Transmission)
07 - T_login [The World] Login
08 - menu_open Game Menu (Open)
09 - menu_slct Game Menu (Select)
10 - menu_fix Game Menu (Decision)
11 - menu_cancel Game Menu (Cancel)
12 - errbeep Game Menu (Error Sound)
13 - book 800 SIgnificant Seasons Open
14 - gate_open Chaos Gate Open
15 - gate_close Chaos Gate Close
16 - gatemenu_eff1 Gate Hacking Menu (Set or Release of Virus Core)
17 - gatemenu_eff2 Gate Hacking Menu (Error Sound)
18 - gatemenu_eff3 Gate Hacking Menu (Capsule Rotation)
19 - gatemenu_eff4 Gate Hacking Menu (Complete)
20 - warp PC Transmission Sound
21 - skill_pc PC Skill Invoke Sound
22 - skill_enemy Monster Skill Invoke Sound
23 - barrier Attribute Resistance Shield
24 - levelUp PC Level Up
25 - kasaki_foot Kakashinga Footstep
26 - box_open Treasure Box is Opened Up
27 - item1 Item Get
28 - item_LvUp1 Equipment Level Up 1
29 - item_LvUp2 Equipment Level Up 2
30 - item_LvDw Equipment Level Down
31 - fairyOrb Fairies Orb
32 - ocarina Soul Ocarina
33 - warning HP Warning Sound
34 - gameover_off Monitor OFF
35 - puti_whistle Puti Whistle
36 - puti_foodget Drawing Out Puchiguso Bait Sound
37 - puti_eat Puchigoso Eating Food Sound
38 - puti_gepp Puchiguso Burp
39 - food00 Puchiguso Bait Voice [Golden Egg]
40 - food01 Puchiguso Bait Voice [Hebiguso Mint]
41 - food02 Puchiguso Bait Voice [Twilight Onion]
42 - food03 Puchiguso Bait Voice [Snaky Cactus]
43 - food04 Puchiguso Bait Voice [Oh No Melon]
44 - food05 Puchiguso Bait Voice [Cordyceps]
45 - food06 Puchiguso Bait Voice [White Cherry]
46 - food07 Puchiguso Bait Voice [Turnip]
47 - food08 Puchiguso Bait Voice [La Pumpkin]
48 - food09 Puchiguso Bait Voice [Magic Mushroom]
49 - food0a Puchiguso Bait Voice [Mandoraga]
50 - food0b Puchiguso Bait Voice [Piney Apple]
51 - food0c Puchiguso Bait Voice [Immature Egg]
52 - food0d Puchiguso Bait Voice [Bear Cat Egg]
53 - food0e Puchiguso Bait Voice [Invisible Egg]
54 - food0f Puchiguso Bait Voice [Bloody Egg]
55 - putiRace_start Puchiguso Race Fanfare (Start Time)
56 - putiRace_win1 Puchiguso Race Fanfare (Ranking Time)
57 - putiRace_lose Puchiguso Race Fanfare (Ranking Failure Time)
Total Time:

Before revewing the music, I do feel obliged to clarify all the packaging issues between the special edition and the regular edition. If you get your hands on the special edition, you are blessed with one of those mini-CDs which includes 57 10-second tracks with sound effects from the game. I'm sure that's an incredibly enjoyable listen...I think it also comes with a poster or a sticker or something along those lines. The regular edition isn't a big loss from the limited edition. If you ended up with a regular edition, don't feel bad. I didn't.

I first heard the music from the .hack game series while hanging out with a younger friend of mine. He was playing through Volume 1 (Infection), and while watching him I began to see why the game was so successful. It was FUN! I hadn't had FUN with a videogame in a long time. I played some of the game, and I found myself in love with the music. So, the first chance I had, I put some money in the bank and went searching for all the .hack soundtracks I could find.

Oddly enough, I could only find one game-specific .hack soundtrack: the GMPC...a two-disc "best of" from the four games. I wanted to get one-discs for each game, and I think I may have found that for part 3 or 4 at otaku.com, but I didn't want to risk it. I'd go with the "Perfect Collection"...which bothers me, as the definition of "perfect" is "complete", and technically this is incomplete right? I'm not sure actually. The name-number system for tracklists would suggest that.

Oh, there's an issue with the packaging. The tracklist comes in a database format...a filename and a description. The "filename" is the name-number system in English. What's in parentheses or just right of the filename is a description, listed on the back of the case in Japanese. Quite a complex system for tracklisting if you ask me. Whatever.

The artwork in the packaging, might I add is awesome. Lots of red/orange. The booklet/insert is filled with interviews and such, the likes of which I cannot read. I wonder if that's interesting. What I wouldn't give to be fluent in Japanese...on to the music, finally.

A good way to describe the music is "techno meets opera", which has been done before. But it's better than that. Honestly, the themes to this game are GOOD, though they are repeated often. The battle music is pretty much the same bit again and again (using the same synths), with little variations throughout. The town themes are very diverse in scope, and are probably my favorite tracks on the first disc. In general, though, the first disc is kind of bland, due to the repetition of musical themes. But the SECOND disc...wow...

The second disc features a lot of "special" music. Themes that play during cutscenes, songs that will only play at one particular point in the game (such as opening/ending themes)...that kind of stuff. It isn't the background music for gameplay, this is the "good stuff". This disc is the epitome of .hack goodness.

The "bonus" tracks aren't very good...too happy for me. The "loop" tracks (which are game intro tracks) are the best, especially those that incorporate Japanese speaking (like the "Voice Mix Arrange" popularized by Mr. Sakuraba's most recent endeavors). The string themes are also...well, beautiful. Some of them use what sounds to me like German vocals, though I'm once again not positive.

And all of this coming from a soundtracks veteran who has barely played the game. If you are "into" the .hack series, I have to ask, why don't you own this? It's suitable for driving, doing homework, sleeping, and waking up (as well as playing over games with poor soundtracks). I was absolutely surprised by this whole phenomenon, and the game's music is no exception.

So, as always, be SURE to listen to the samples provided, and make a decision for yourself. If you're not a .hack fan, you probably won't like the music either. If you're into techno or any form of "computerized" music, and you like the fusion of classical with modern, the musical style fits your tastes well. That's all I have to say then. Thanks for reading. I guess. ...

.hack RULEZ! :P

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann