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Divertimento Hanjuku Hero

[back cover]
Catalog Number: N30D-015
Released On: January 21, 1993
Composed By: Koichi Sugiyama
Arranged By: Koichi Sugiyama
Published By: NTT Publishing/Square Brand
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

Orchestra Version
01 - Scene 1 - March March March
02 - Scene 2 - Scherzando
03 - Scene 3 - Menuet?
04 - Scene 4 - Rondino
Original Sound Version
05 - Hanjuku! Hero
06 - Chapter of...!
07 - Ah, May The World Be Half-Boiled...!
08 - Comfortable Alma Moon
09 - The Great Fiasco from Top to Bottom
10 - Ah, Our Faraway Land...
11 - Swordplay
12 - Hondara Hendara
13 - I'm Counting on You, Egg Monster!
14 - Wild Egg Battle
15 - Even Risking my Life...
16 - Big Swordplay
17 - Rhythm Tree 1
18 - Faraway Hometown of the Egg
19 - The Black Egg has a Dangerous Smell
20 - Perfectly-Boiled King of the Seasons
21 - Perfectly-Boiled King of Evil
23 - DIE! DANG! YEN!
24 - For the Sake of Everyone
25 - Only for the Yellow Taste of this love /
Only For the Yolk Of This Love (pun)
26 - Half-Boiled Wife's Theatre
27 - Half-Boiled Wife's Theatre - In Sentimental
28 - At The End of Love and Hatred
29 - Perfectly-Boiled Person
30 - Perfectly-Boiled General's Ambition
31 - In the middle of the left of the right
32 - LUCKY!
34 - SHOCK!
36 - Victory!
37 - The Next Time I'm Reborn...
38 - Lady Mind, Autumn Sky
39 - Appear
40 - My Dance
41 - OCHEY!
42 - Tada!!
43 - And Up!!
44 - Egg Kick!
45 - Egg Beam!
46 - Mega Kick!
47 - Rhythm Tree 2
Total Time:

Stunning artwork from the booklet.

More properly entitled "Sugiyama Koichi Divertimento Hanjuku Eiyuu" (Half-Boiled Hero), this soundtrack is one of two full soundtracks that Square never bothered to reprint (the other is the FF Mystic Quest OST). This CD features 4 incredibly well-done orchestrated tracks at the beginning, and then the rest is the OST part.

So as not to get confused, this soundtrack is for the Super Famicom game "Hanjuku Hero: Aa Senkai yo Hanjuku nare" and not the Famicom game of just "Hanjuku Hero" (which was done by Nobuo Uematsu and never had its own soundtrack comes as a bonus disc with the Hanjuku Hero Vs. 3D OST). The 4 orchestrated tracks at the beginning are very uplifting, they remind me of a Stephen Sondheim musical (specifically Into the Woods...tee hee!). The actual OST tracks are standard, not bad but not extremely good either.

This soundtrack is nearly impossible to find ANYWHERE (as are most any N##D soundtracks). However, I got mine from eBay for around only $50...I guess that gives you an idea as to the rarity of this soundtrack. Good luck finding it, all you sick Square-fanatics!

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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