Bokujou Monogatari Wonderful Life Official Sound Track

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Catalog Number: MJCG-80134
Released On: September 25, 2003
Composed By: Dai Nakajima, Tsuyoshi "CHACKey" Tanaka, Miyuki "CATS" Homareda, Kimitaka Matsumae, Hitomi Shimizu, Gary-Ashiya, Suguru Yamaguchi
Arranged By: Dai Nakajima
Published By: Marvelous Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Wonderful Life
02 - Let's Choose A Name!
03 - Song of the Gentle Breeze
04 - Song of Silence
05 - Meeting Theme
06 - A Nervous Love
07 - Confession Theme
08 - No Need to Fear Love
09 - Excited Pounding
10 - Polishing the Tombstone
11 - Our Time
12 - Weather Report
13 - Exciting Farm Life
14 - Adult Period
15 - Anxiously Awaiting Your Fortune
16 - In Good Spirits
17 - Great Sadness
18 - That Was Great, Right?
19 - Great Joy
20 - Jongara Song
21 - Romana's Mansion
22 - Lumina's Lesson 1
23 - Lumina's Lesson 2
24 - Lumina's Lesson 3
25 - Lumina's Theme
26 - Let's Have Tea or Something
27 - A Pleasure House for Adults
28 - Garfan's Blue Bar
29 - Home Town Song
30 - Keseran and Pasaran
31 - Inside the Artist's House
32 - Inside the Scientist's House
33 - Jovial Gustafa
34 - Gustafa of the Twilight
35 - Gustafa Live
36 - Wandering
37 - Farm Theme (Slow Life)
38 - Gari and Nina's Love
39 - Tsurutan In A Good Mood
40 - Tsurutan Feels So-So
41 - Tsurutan
42 - Colobockle Mystery Theme
43 - Excavation Site Theme
44 - Tei's Mitemi Inn
45 - A Profound Sadness
46 - Sorrow
47 - Happy!
48 - Happy ∑ Fun
49 - Breath of Spring ~ from SFC Farm Story
50 - Spirits of Town
51 - Flower Buds of Autumn
52 - 64 Memories
53 - Marine Jazz
54 - Heart Aflutter
55 - Memory of Midsummer
56 - Joy of Autumn
57 - Winter HM
58 - The Town Bride
59 - Staff Roll
Total Time:

Harvest Moon. Bokujou Monogatari in Japan. The Farm RPG. When playing Harvest Moon you know what to expect. Despite the differences between the titles, at the core the series is about a boy (or girl) on a farm, accompanied by dogs, cows, chickens, and buckets of charm. In much the same way you know what to expect with Harvest Moon music: Charming, familiar, fun, if unspectacular.

And how does farm music sound? The music you find here matches the setting very well. Lots of guitar, lots of rustic sounding tracks. After all, you wouldnít find it fitting to harvest crops to an epic orchestral soundtrack, would you? Theyíve crammed 59 songs into just under an hour on the disc, so expect little in the way of looping. This might be a strength, because some of these songs could get repetitive if played too long.

The game makes a departure from the Harvest Moon standard of seasonal themes, and instead uses location sensitive songs and allows the player to change songs on the farm with a record player. Even though you wonít have the normal season songs, the ones that are most recognizable on the disc are those you hear in your daily chores, like Song of the Gentle Breeze and Farm Theme (Slow Life). Both songs are light, simple, and laid back. Not fit for rescuing a princess, but perfect for milking a cow, and unobtrusive enough to not become boring in the dozens of hours of play.

What would a Harvest Moon be without the dating elements? The feature makes a grand return in A Wonderful Life, and since itís a critical feature of the game a number of tracks are dedicated to expressing this budding love. All of these pieces are well written and work for their purpose. Light, cute, and of course with a little Harvest Moon flare, they fit perfectly for the mood.

Though the music is simple there are a number of styles explored. Traditional Asian instruments are used in Jongaraís Song, Tsurutan, and Teiís Mitemi Inn. A Pleasure House for Adults is a very well done lounge song. Luminaís Lessons and Luminaís Theme are all piano solos. And there are some that just defy description, like Kesaran and Pasaran and Tsurutan Feels So-So.

There are some seasonal themes towards the end of the disc, my favorite of which is Memories of Midsummer. There is also a real treat for Harvest Moon fans in the last set of songs. Many of them are from older Harvest Moon titles that never received OSTs, like the SNES original and Harvest Moon 64. Iím not sure how or if they were used in the game, but either way itís a great gift for the fans.

The Harvest Moon series has always succeeded despite technical inferiority because itís charming and memorable and fun. The music follows this idea, too. Youíre not going to find something on here to compete with Final Fantasy, but almost everyone will end up satisfied and truly charmed. Now, if youíll excuse me, Iíve got some corn that needs planting.

Reviewed by: Daniel Bowman