Bokujou Monogatari -Harvest Moon- OST

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Catalog Number: ABCA-50
Released On: January 28, 2000
Composed By: Miyuki "CATS" Homareda
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Absord Music Japan
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Title
02 - Spring
03 - Summer
04 - Fall
05 - Winter
06 - Wedding March
07 - Requiem
08 - Festival 1 (Fun)
09 - Festival 2 (Solemn)
10 - Festival 3 (Contest)
11 - Judging
12 - Minigame 1
13 - Minigame 2 (Race)
14 - Dance 1 (Waltz)
15 - Dance 2 (Polka)
16 - Party
17 - Fanfare 1
18 - Fanfare 2
19 - Town
20 - Karen's Theme
21 - Popuri's Theme
22 - Mary's Theme
23 - Elli's Theme
24 - Ann's Theme
25 - Concert 1
26 - Concert 2 (With Ocarina)
27 - Colobockle
28 - Opening 1 (Normal 1)
29 - Opening 4 (Normal 2)
30 - Opening 2 (Music Box)
31 - Ending
32 - Opening Song (Girl Solo)
33 - Opening Song (Boy and Girl)
34 - Ending Song (Boy and Girl)
Total Time:

The music to Bokujou Monogatari (Harvest Moon: Back to Nature in the US) isn't spectacular, it's not even great by PSX standards, but it's familiar, sweet, and most definitely a pleasure to listen to if you've played and enjoyed the game.

Mostly all of the themes found within the game are here, including all four seasons. These, along with the "Town" theme, will be the most familiar since you listen to them roughly 80% of the time while playing the game. My favorite of these is the "Summer" theme with it's fun, tropical melody. Most pieces can be described as your standard RPG-fare (without battle themes, of course). There are a fair number of filler tracks, and I found myself flipping to the pieces I immediately recognized, but the sheer nostalgia alone was worth it for me.

There's really not too much else to this soundtrack. Most likely, the only people really interested in this CD are those who have played the game. In that case, I highly recommend picking it up if you get the chance.

Reviewed by: Lucy Rzeminski


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