Hatsukoi Valentine Special OST

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Catalog Number: ABCA-34
Released On: September 22, 1999
Composed By: Michiko Tomita, Kentaro Oishi, TOYO Kusanagi, Jun Monma
Arranged By: TOYO Kusanagi
Published By: Absord Music Japan
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Opening Theme "Be in love"
02 - Kasumi Oda
03 - Yukie Takeda
04 - Haruna Sanada
05 - Chaki Otomo
06 - Aya Saitoh
07 - Reika Maeda
08 - Yoko Matsuhira
09 - Asami Mohri
10 - Sakura Date
11 - Fubuki Mutsu
12 - Eri Shimazu
13 - Akira Kitajo
14 - Nami Yamagata
15 - Teacher's Theme
16 - Sachiko Imai
17 - Hakari Takenaka
18 - Hirohisa & Junsuke
19 - Hitoshi Takigawa
20 - Nene Kinoshita (Little Sister)
21 - Spring
22 - Summer
23 - Autumn
24 - Winter
25 - Date 1
26 - Date 2
27 - Love 1
28 - Love 2
29 - During a Test (Unused Music)
30 - Field Trip
31 - Sadness
32 - Ending
33 - Autumn (PS Version)
34 - Ending Theme "Eternal Promise"
35 - Opening Theme "Ringed Sake Cup" (from Hatsukoi Valentine)
36 - Ending Theme "Projection" (from Hatsukoi Valentine)
Total Time:

Two years after the first game, "Hatsukoi Valentine Special" hit the Japanese dating-sim market, and with it came the release of this soundtrack, from Absord Music Japan. Let's take a quick look at this album release.

The tracklist is laid out in a simple, "themed" fashion. The first twenty tracks encompass all of the character themes (being a game based primarily around character interaction, this comes as no surprise). Then there are four "seasonal" themes (very common for this genre), some special music for dates and romantic moments, a handful of "others," the ending piece, and some bonus tracks. This is a no-frills experience (unless you think the bonus tracks are super-magical or something...).

The character themes are fun and simple, but they are not looped, which is part of why the album is relatively short in terms of disc time. My favorite tracks are the season themes, and the final track. I really like "Projection" (the ending theme from the original Hatsukoi Valentine), so it's great that they tacked it onto this disc.

You're not likely to find this album readily available for sale, but it's a decent album. And if you're a completionist, what's great about Hatsukoi Valentine as a series is that there are relatively few albums. Compare that Tokimeki Memorial, which probably has over 200 albums out by now (I know they're well over 100). I very much enjoyed this soundtrack, and I hope to find more in the vaults of obscure graphic adventure / dating sim soundtracks from the 1990s in the future.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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