Holy Demon Legend 3x3 Eyes from MEGA-CD

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Catalog Number: KICA-1123/4
Released On: July 21, 1993
Composed By: Mirobu, Macky
Arranged By: Kaoru Wada, Mirobu, Macky
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Holy War
02 - Title Theme
03 - Darkness Quickening -Venares-
04 - Sudden Development
05 - Outset of a Journey
06 - Parting...
07 - Kindhearted
08 - Pai and Yakumo
09 - Ancient Great Wizard Venares
10 - Sacred Strength
11 - Holy Ground
12 - Good and Evil
13 - I Will Treat You as a Human...
14 - Holy Demon Legend (Main Theme)
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - City of the Romantic Stories, Hong Kong
02 - Yellow Mansion
03 - TOKYO
04 - Cultural Shock of Love
05 - China
06 - Beast's Den
07 - Tibet
08 - Linde Republic
09 - In Camp Town
10 - Den of Thieves
12 - Temple (Konron)
14 - Yakumo's Theme
15 - Pai's Theme
16 - Ryu's Theme
17 - Gupta's Theme
18 - Hahn's Theme
19 - Lin-Lin's Theme
20 - Mihoshi's Theme
21 - Jake's Theme
22 - Young King Garga
23 - I'm Studying!!
24 - Saijuko
25 - BATTLE-1
26 - Final Battle
Total Time:

This Mega CD RPG from Yuzo Takada's anime 3x3 (Sazan) Eyes had a soundtrack release in 1993. The game, "Holy Demon Legend 3x3 Eyes" (Seima Densetsu 3x3 Eyes) later had its storyline turned into a three-part OAV in 1995, so while the game is a spin-off of the anime, the game itself spawned even more anime. Imagine that!

The album's two discs are divided like night and day. The first disc, featuring beautiful arrangements from Kaoru Wada, is a studio-recorded section with Classical/New-Age music for full orchestra, small chamber sets, and piano. It's beautiful, but unfortunately, it's also really short. These songs were likely used during the animated sequences in the game, and as such, there was only a half hour's worth of stuff to write for it.

Though most of the songs on the first disc are soft, hard-driven music is found on songs like "Ancient Great Wizard Venares," which is clearly an arrangement of a battle theme. I was moved nearly to tears by the last two tracks, particularly the song "I Will Treat You as a Human" (even without knowing the story synopsis, it's obvious what this statement means by the context of the game's title and the cover image).

The second disc, the "Original Soundtrack" side, is composed by two people who felt like masking their names with shortened pseudonyms: Mirobu and MACKY. All the musical credit goes to people that we don't know anything about...great, just great.

Though the sound quality is a little...um..."funky," the compositions in and of themselves are definitely decent. Most of the songs can be classified as some form of "jazz," from instrumentation to chord progressions and rhythm: it's jazzy.

Character themes dominate the latter half of the second disc, and they showcase the strongest compositions on the album. Some of them are "novelty" songs (Hahn's got claps, Lin-Lin's got snaps), but most of them are just plain and simple melodies with decent chord structures holding the song together. I have nothing but love for the character themes.

If you can't wrap your ears around the second disc, the album is still a treasure because of the first disc, which lines up well with the orchestrated work Hisaishi and Tanaka did for Tengai Makyou around the same time. Of course...yeah...good luck finding this album 15 years after the fact.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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