Hexyz Force OST

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Catalog Number: COCX-35946/7
Released On: November 18, 2009
Composed By: Shigeki Hayashi
Arranged By: Shigeki Hayashi
Published By: Nippon Columbia
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
Cecilia Disc
01 - Hexyz Force
02 - God's Will - Person's Soul -Spirit-
03 - Pure Melody
04 - The Prosperous Holy Princess
05 - Maiden Fights
06 - Resting Plaza
07 - Emergency
08 - A Rainbow Shining in Water Splashes
09 - Desperation
10 - Light of Ruin
11 - Impulse of Destruction
12 - Perpetual Loneliness
13 - Fight of Connection
14 - Grand Existence
15 - Under Clear Skies
16 - Beat of Deep Darkness
17 - Force Burst
18 - Resolute Dream
19 - Soothing Wavelength
20 - Nothing Territory
21 - Dual Force
22 - Immoral Territory
23 - Way to Victory
24 - Twilight Hour
25 - Flame of Revenge
26 - Mystery World
27 - Poem of Guidance
28 - Poem of Guidance -Music Box Ver-
Total Time

Disc Two
Levant Disc
01 - Light of the Grail
02 - Glory of Empire
03 - Conspiracy in the Darkness
04 - The Valerous Sovereign King
05 - Belief Previously
06 - A Walk under the Moonlight
07 - Chaser
08 - Come, Let's Begin the Journey!
09 - The Belligerent Supreme Emperor
10 - Anti-Imperial Organization Agent
11 - Hexyz
12 - Absolute Zero
13 - Slumber in the Sun...
14 - Fallen Paradise
15 - Gale Wolves
17 - Unknown Territory
18 - Prayer of the White Goddess
19 - Open Door
20 - Darkness Mind
21 - Towards Tomorrow
22 - Crushing Hope
23 - Chaotic Sacrifice
24 - Requiem of the Sorrowful Ones
25 - Reason for Destruction
26 - Spun Soul -Spirit-
Total Time

Though it holds no connection to the Dept Heaven series (Yggdra, Riviera, KitN), Hexyz Force is still an RPG from Sting, and it's still having its music composed by the venerable Shigeki Hayashi, who has written great music for many other Sting titles. Hexyz Force for PSP (coming to North America in May 2010) may or may not continue the trend of high-quality, unique-style RPGs from the company. But what I know it does continue is the trend of solid game music.

His previous effort, Knights in the Nightmare, was a decent soundtrack. But the DS sound quality really hurt the end product. With the PSP, and with Hexyz Force, this is not the case. The music for this soundtrack is not compressed or re-shaped in any noticeable, detrimental way.

So with the sound quality issues cast aside, that leaves the question of compositional quality, and quantity of music (and a ratio of good/average/bad tracks). Obviously, the battle tracks are excellent, and there are plenty of them. In the first 10 tracks of the first disc, almost every track was fantastic. Only three of them were proper battle themes, which is a low ratio compared to other sections of the OST. But they include the standard battle theme "Maiden Fights," which is brilliant. Crazy-fast piano, guitar, drums, and high-octave synths: this sounds like some of the best music from Castlevania. Impressive!

The sheer quantity of awesome, rhythmic, fast-paced battle themes will overwhelm most VGM fans. It's not quite the same type of prog-rock that Sakuraba pumps out. There's something brighter about Hayashi's compositions, even when they're in a minor key and have heavy bass.

On the softer side of things, Hayashi-san is great when it comes to having violins and flutes hit (and sustain) high notes in a melody, and then have a harp or some other instrument decorate that sustained time in the piece (see "A Walk under the Moonlight"). He's also good at writing catchy "adventure" music, as evidenced in disc 1, track 8.

Shigeki Hayashi's soundtracks are all good, though some are better than others. I know I act quickly when I say this, but I would rank this among his best. Do at least consider adding it to your collection, if collecting VGM is your sort of thing.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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