Legend of the Devil Conquering Talisman Izuna I+II OST

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Catalog Number: IZN-002/3
Released On: February 4, 2008
Composed By: Ninja Studio
Arranged By: Ninja Studio
Published By: Success
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Title
02 - Opening
03 - Kamiari Village
04 - Coal Mine
05 - Snake Hole
06 - Wind Corridor
07 - Shakugan Cavern (Shallow Levels)
08 - Shakugan Cavern (Deep Levels)
09 - Tokofuyu Cave (Shallow Levels)
10 - Tokofuyu Cave (Deep Levels)
11 - Zekuu Path (Shallow Levels)
12 - Zekuu Path (Middle Levels)
13 - Zekuu Path (Deep Levels)
14 - Maze of Gods (Shallow Levels)
15 - Maze of Gods (Middle Levels)
16 - Maze of Gods (Deep Levels)
17 - Maze of Gods (Deepest Levels)
18 - Singularity (Shallow Levels)
19 - Singularity (Middle Levels)
20 - Singularity (Deepest Levels)
21 - Wild God (Boss Battle)
22 - Game Over
23 - The Way of the Iron Meal (Takushiki Battle)
24 - Ending
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Title
02 - Opening
03 - Shigen Meadows
04 - Suirei Town
05 - Amakusa Cave
06 - Visitor God
07 - Ikoi Forest
08 - Kannagi Mountain
09 - Entering the Journey
10 - Kamudoi Shrine
11 - Beast Dance
12 - Madoimi Cave
13 - Dreams of Temptation
14 - Autumn Breeze
15 - Ninigi Forest
16 - Castle Town
17 - Mugen Castle
18 - Departing to the Front
19 - Hirume Tower
20 - Shining Ascension
21 - Misasagi Cave
22 - Feelings of Fear
23 - Twilight Alley
24 - TreasureHunt
25 - Potholing
26 - The miasma
27 - Zekuro Ravine
28 - Love and hatred
29 - With My Important One
30 - Let's Walk Together
Total Time:

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Alternate, reversible packaging!

The soundtracks for Izuna and Izuna 2 were published together in a special-order two disc set from Success. For whatever reason, Success and Ninja Studio have decided to withhold any and all information about the game's sound team. The games themselves don't seem to have the information in any "end credits" sequence, and the composer(s) are not listed on any official sites, nor on the packaging for the actual soundtrack. We don't know if it was one person or many, if the sound team for the first and second game remained the same or changed. We know nothing, and that's quite frustrating.

If the score to these games were mediocre, maybe I wouldn't care so much about who composed it. However, it just so happens that the music to the Izuna games are some of the best I've ever heard for a DS game. I was shocked, but the fact of the matter is that this music is extremely catchy. I'm a little surprised that Atlus USA didn't publish any sort of compilation soundtrack for these games, considering how many bonus soundtracks they put out for their localized games.

The soundtrack sports plenty of East Asian ethnic influence. Sometimes, it feels like a blatant theft of Koichi Sugiyama's "Shiren the Wanderer" music; generally, however, Izuna's music is much more "contemporary," with the percussion and rhythm. There is far less silence, less pauses or breaks in the music, than the Shiren soundtracks. It's no wonder that the music, at times, reflects Shiren, since Izuna is another roguelike dungeon crawler with an East Asian setting.

At first, I was not sure if I had a preference between the two discs. But I have made my decision and my judgment: disc one is better than disc two. The two discs are the OSTs for Izuna and Izuna 2, respectively. I think that the dungeons being broken into different "levels" in the first Izuna, allowing for a musical progression as one descended further into that dungeon, really helped with this soundtrack's continuity. The final dungeon, "Singularity," has some especially memorable music.

The second disc has a few tracks that I must describe as "filler." I felt like every song on disc one was a Grade A winner, but the second disc had its share of Grade B (and C) tracks mixed in. That said, the tracks that do shine on disc two are quite memorable, and very enjoyable to the ear. Again, the rhythm (enhanced by all manner of percussive sounds) is what makes Izuna's music stand out most to me.

If you want this soundtrack, head to VGM World while they're still in stock. If they run out of stock, direct orders from Success are the way to go. You may need a middleman service like Shopping Mall Japan to facilitate the order if you live outside of Japan. I highly recommend owning this obscure, catchy compilation from my favorite new anonymous composer(s).

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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