Kimagure Strawberry Cafe Virtual Communication & Sound Track

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Catalog Number: KDSD-00035
Released On: April 21, 2004
Composed By: Vingt-et-un Sound Team, Daisuke Tanaka (11, 45)
Arranged By: Rei Shimizu (11, 45)
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: Triumph Studio, Studio Logic
Format: 1 CD
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Virtual Communication
Kimagure Strawberry Cafe Minidrama "Reasons To Be Late"
01 - Chapter 1
02 - Chapter 2
03 - Chapter 3
04 - Chapter 4
05 - Chapter 5
06 - Chapter 1 (Without Ichigo Version)
07 - Chapter 2 (Without Ichigo Version)
08 - Chapter 3 (Without Ichigo Version)
09 - Chapter 4 (Without Ichigo Version)
10 - Chapter 5 (Without Ichigo Version)
Original Sound Track
11 - Opening "Keep Alive"
12 - Title Screen
13 - Save Load Screen
14 - Name Input Screen
15 - Cafe Creation Screen
16 - Spring Event
17 - Summer Event
18 - Autumn Event
19 - Winter Event
20 - Haruka's Cafe
21 - Shuutoh's Cafe
22 - Shopping
23 - Morning of the Holiday
24 - Many Thanks
25 - Cooking
26 - School Tomorrow
27 - Test
28 - Happening
29 - At School
30 - Fun Event
31 - Reminiscence
32 - Summer Festival
33 - Tutor
34 - Date by the Sea
35 - Christmas Eve
36 - New Year's Day
37 - Valentine's Day
38 - Kurita's Theme
39 - Chizu's Theme
40 - Inoguchi's Theme
41 - Machiya's Theme
42 - Katsuragi's Theme
43 - Ending 1
44 - Ending 2
45 - Ending "Dear..."
Bonus Track
Message Voice From Kazushi Machiya To You
46 - Number 1
47 - Number 2
48 - Number 3
49 - Number 4
Total Time:

Note: the main female character is named Ichigo Mizuhara. In Japanese, "Ichigo" means "strawberry."

The earliest in a series of soundtracks published by Team Entertainment for games developed by Vingt-et-un, Kimagure Strawberry Cafe's soundtrack starts off with some drama tracks, then moves on to the music starting at track 11. We got a dude singing opening and ending vocals, and there are some bonus tracks. Pretty standard release.

Except for one thing: tracks 6 through 10. Now, these tracks hold no value for English-speaking listeners, but these tracks are sort of "karaoke drama" tracks. Ichigo, the protagonist of the game, has her parts removed. You can speak her words in her place, or you can "mad-lib" to create some hilarious dialogue. But again, it's worthless to anyone who doesn't know Japanese. Or anyone that isn't comfortable playing a love-adventure role that is designed for females (or homosexual men).

Jazz and ambient "mood music" dominate this soundtrack. Some composers do well with this, but the un-credited composer(s) from Vingt-et-un are entirely hit-or-miss. Some tracks, such as the character themes (found at the end of the disc) are excellent. Others are complete failures, such as "Morning of the Holiday" with its poor synth and intentionally off-key background noise.

The sampled selections include some of my favorite works, so if you're sampling this album and considering a purchase, you may want to note to yourself: these songs are the best I could find. Other than that, it's fairly bland.

All in all, this is an average album for an average love-adventure title. We've reached into the most obscure places to find albums like these, and only rarely was the effort worth it. In this case, I'd have to say that I would've been just fine without it.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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