Kimino Yusha OST

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Catalog Number: KDSD-00240/1
Released On: November 5, 2008
Composed By: Yoshiaki Hori
Arranged By: Yoshiaki Hori
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: N/A
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Opening ~ Story Dedicated to You
02 - Title
03 - Prologue
04 - Come On, Let's Begin the Adventure
05 - In Trouble!!
06 - Hot Blood
07 - We Won!
08 - Thus I'll Become an Adult
09 - Tiologue
10 - Sleeping Ancient Ruins
11 - Silent Tunnel
12 - Item Acquired Fanfare
13 - Tension
14 - Surging Hot Blood
15 - Wanda's Theme
16 - Floating Continent Mydia Rias
17 - The Town of Magic Riverhill
18 - Buy a Lot ♪
19 - Aah, Slept Well.
20 - I-di-ot
21 - Arrived to the Village
22 - Wanda and Tio's Little Theatre
23 - Tango's Theme
24 - Nice to Meet You ♪
25 - The Gust of Wind Blowing in the Desert (Special Performance Desert)
26 - Desert of Crimson Mirrors
27 - Mining Town Cornpal
28 - Dranco's Theme
29 - Gray's Theme
30 - Suspicious...
31 - Theme of the Demon Lord Army
32 - Wailing (Special Performance Tower of Wailing)
33 - Tower of Wailing
34 - Aroma's Theme
35 - Clash!! The Four Devas Battle
36 - Memory of the Stars
37 - Jet Black Forest
38 - Country Adoration
39 - Dark Purple Forest
40 - Silk's Theme
41 - Refreshed in that Star Sea (Special Performance Star Sea Beach)
42 - Star Sea Beach
43 - Temple of the Mermaids
44 - Village of the Air Masters Frontier
45 - The Wind Blows in these Ruins (Special Performance Wind Ruins)
46 - Fije's Theme
47 - The Fairies Live in that Forest (Special Performance Forest of the Fairies)
48 - Forest of the Fairies
49 - It's True...
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - The Hero's Challenge
02 - Raingray
03 - Theme of the Famille Army
04 - Restful Flat
05 - The White Castle Famille
06 - Boiling Magma (Special Performance Volcano)
07 - Bostick Volcano
08 - Elf Settlement
09 - Lunette's Theme
10 - Let's Ride to the Great Skies!
11 - To Be Continued Next Week...
12 - Break the Barrier! (Special Performance Demon Border Barrier)
13 - Kanna's Theme
14 - Exposed Seal (Special Performance Wolf's Rift)
15 - Wolf's Rift
16 - Land of Death
17 - The Gates of Hell
18 - The Forbidden Door is Open (Special Performance The Gates of Hell)
19 - Demon Lord 1st Form
20 - Demon Lord 2nd Form
21 - Crystal City
22 - At the End of Fate (Special Performance Tower of God)
23 - Haim's Theme
24 - Tower of God
25 - Sturm und Drang!!!!!
26 - Because He's My Hero!!
27 - Sorrow and Cries
28 - God's Theme
29 - Procyon Invades! (Special Performance Procyon)
30 - Procyon 1st Form
31 - Procyon 2nd Form
32 - Procyon 3rd Form
33 - The Two Reunite
34 - End Roll
35 - Gallery & Epilogue List
36 - Frozen Cave
37 - The Delicious Stew is Done!
38 - The Beginning of a Sad Chapter
39 - Sky Flower
40 - Opening ~ Story Dedicated to You (Extra Version)
41 - Prologue (Extra Version)
Total Time:

Note: regarding the title, we acknowledge that it would make most literal sense to romanize the title as "Kimi no Yuusha," but the game's logo comes with its own romanization, so we'll leave it at that. For those interested in knowing, "Kimo no Yuusha" can be translated as "Your Hero."

SNK (now SNK Playmore, technically) isn't exactly known for RPGs. They're known for fighting games, like the never-ending "King of Fighers" series. But just like how Square Enix is happy to dabble in other genres, SNK Playmore readied themselves for a traditional, console-style RPG. And with it, a full two disc's worth of music that best fits a traditional RPG. Town, character, exploration, dungeon, and battle themes abound!

Alright, so this musical opus (from VGM newcomer Yoshiaki Hori) has 90 tracks. 90 tracks for 105 minutes of music. Do the math, and we're averaging a little over a minute per track. Is that accurate? Unfortunately, yes. The average is a little skewed, because this album is decorated with all manner of jingles and fanfares (anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds long). However, most of the "lengthy" compositions fail to exceed two minutes. In fact, with only one exception, not a single track breaks the three minute mark. Even the staff roll comes in at 2 minutes 50 seconds. The one exception is "Prologue (Extra Version)," and the only reason it's 10 minutes long is because most of that time is silence to leave space for a hidden track. And, as a matter of fact, that hidden track is actually three different songs placed one after the other. They could've just been broken into separate tracks themselves, which would allow the "no exceeding 3 minute" rule to hold.

There were a lot of great musical ideas on this soundtrack, but the fact is that they need to be fleshed out for anyone to enjoy theme. Even a simple "loop them all once" would've been nice. But I think Yoshiaki Hori's problem is that he's not developing his melodies. Instead, we get these mini-songs that sound great, but go nowhere. This fits the nature of the RPG, which SNK Playmore described as being "casual," to the point where you could finish individual quests in 30 minutes or less, compared to the multi-hour affairs of major events in large-scale RPGs. Nonetheless...the musical concepts deserve better treatment. An arranged album would be great.

If I had to compare this soundtrack to a contemporary on the market, I would have to go with the new Sting RPGs for GBA and/or PSP: Riviera, Yggdra Union, and now Knights in the Nightmare. This soundtrack isn't nearly as aggressive as those three, basically because of a lack of electric guitar in favor of "oldschool" synth sounds; but the in-your-face heartrate-increasing rhythms of the music are quite similar. The soundtrack is consistently good. Every single track is worth listening to. But, again, there's not a lot of meat to each track. This is the one and only downfall of the album, and it's a big one.

I'm very glad I was notified by a friend of mine about this game's existence. Though I doubt it has any hopes of coming to North America–though I could be wrong, it is still too early to say at the time of this review's being written–it's clear that the music, if nothing else, is above average. I would like to play the game itself, and take in the artwork and the gameplay to see what all SNK is capable of. In the meantime, I'll stick with this surprisingly good soundtrack to hold me over.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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