Catalog Number: TOCT-5934
Released On: December 12, 1990
Composed By: "GO" Saito, Masae Sakaide
Arranged By: "GO" Saito, Masae Sakaide
Published By: Toshiba EMI
Recorded At: MIT Studio
Format: 1 CD

01 - Premonition
02 - Desperate Dreams
03 - When Death Calls
04 - Lagoon
05 - Run to the Hill of Phantom
06 - Premonition
07 - Atland
08 - Keep the Faith
09 - Walking in the Shadows
10 - Armed and Ready
11 - Dominion
12 - Voloh
13 - Castle Mark Philips
14 - Desert Plains
15 - Senegul
16 - Shrouded Mystery
17 - Valley
18 - Tower of Disease
19 - Voice of Spirits
20 - Castle Siegfried
21 - Desperate Dreams
22 - Lilaty
23 - Ice Cave
24 - Run to the Hill of Phantom
25 - Battles of Fate
26 - Reach for the Sky
27 - Master of Water
28 - Living on the Edge
29 - When Death Calls
30 - Prince of Darkness
31 - Tales From the Peaceful World
32 - Moonchild
33 - Shop
34 - Item Get
35 - Game Over
36 - Say Zoom!
Total Time:

While Americans only knew of this game as a Super Nintendo game, Lagoon was originally a Japanese PC game. This soundtrack features five live-band arranged tracks (bass, guitar, keyboard, drums), and the rest is X68000 original stuff. And while I was dissappointed with the arrange, I was in for a big surprise with the original...

I'd heard X68000 music before, such as on the Ys III JDK Special, and I didn't really like it. I guess that was because of the synths used on each I'd heard before, because what I heard on this CD is GREAT, at LEAST as good as the arranged tracks at the beginning.

And so, here it is, 31 tracks of original synth that you just can't get enough of. While I have personally never played more than about 10 minutes of Lagoon (and at a very young age, did not understand how to get anywhere at first), was never a big fan of the game. But this music makes me wish otherwise, as my big brother had beaten this game and now tells me I should have done so back then. I don't have the will to play it now, oh well.

In the arranged tracks, "Lagoon" is a pretty good track. The others start out really soft and take too long to get to a real musical section. Compare the arranged track "Lagoon" to the sample of the original "Premonition". As you can see, both sound really good! Check out "Castle Mark Philips" as well...man, who saw that one comin'? That's some great synth!

Want the CD? GOOD STINKING LUCK! This is apparently one of the most obscure OSTs to man, and it normally sells for $50 when it's found. You won't find this one in online stores, only from person to person.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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