Megami Tensei Gaiden Last Bible Soundtrack

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Catalog Number: SRIN-1073
Released On: September 15, 2010
Composed By: Hiroyuki Yanada, Iwao Mitsunaga
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: SuperSweep
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Opening
02 - System
03 - Terra
04 - Town
05 - Inn Jingle
06 - Temple
07 - Companions
08 - Field
09 - Battle
10 - Battle Over
11 - Annihilation
12 - Dungeon
13 - Boss Battle
14 - Shrine
15 - Jingle
16 - Zord Nest
17 - Islet
18 - Ark
19 - Lucifer
20 - Ending
Total Time:

SuperSweep Records has begun a great new series of CD publications called the "Discovery" series. They dig up old game music that never had a soundtrack release, and release it. They're starting with some totally forgotten titles in the MegaTen universe.

"Last Bible" is a Gaiden series in the MegaTen world that would later bring about the GBC "DemiKids" games, which did come to the US. But these particular games were originally just for Game Boy, then reissued years later for GBC (like Link's Awakening vs. Link's Awakening DX).

I have a soft spot for the ultra-simple chiptunes of the Game Boy. It's even more limited than the NES, yet some amazing music was written for it. "Last Bible" falls in line with that tradition of under-appreciated, amazing music.

Unfortunately, it's not a lot of music. In fact, three albums to date have been released in this Discovery series (Last Bible, Last Bible II, Another Bible). All three of these releases could have been placed on one CD. Buying three discs separately that total up to less than 80 minutes of music, to me, is very frustrating. And don't think this is an issue of, "well they didn't loop the music, that's why it's so short." This music is looped once over! Not looped, this soundtrack would only be 12 minutes long! So in terms of quantity, you're not working with much.

It's the quality that stands out, though. This is some great, catchy Game Boy music, certainly worthy of the series it represents. The audio goes everywhere: much of the music is fast-paced and frantic. It may not be on par with my absolute favorite Game Boy soundtracks (Seiken Densetsu, SaGa 2), but it's mighty close.

This release would have benefited from some chiptune-centric arrangements. With the ability to add more layers and do some sort of crazy medley, who knows what today's chiptune artists (Japanese or other) could have done? Even at the low price point (1500 yen), I feel like I deserve more out of this disc. That, or Last Bible I and II should've been in one release. And Another Bible too, just as bonus material.

Then again, I'd have never heard this music if it weren't for SuperSweep digging it out of the archives, so perhaps they deserve the money for such a small quantity of music. If you're as crazy about "old VGM" as I am, you'll probably dig this soundtrack. Which means, of course, you should buy this soundtrack. Support the little guys who don't think their music is worth a hill of beans and keep your fingers crossed fore the glorious return of early '90s chiptune masters!

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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