Music From The Legend of Heroes III ~ The White Witch
Catalog Number: KICA-1146/7
Released On: July 21, 1994
Composed By: Sound Team JDK
Arranged By: Tomohiko Kishimoto
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: N/A
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
Original Game Soundtrack
01 - The White Witch Gerud
02 - Another Heroes' Story
03 - Love Shining Inside
04 - Little Heroes - Music Box -
05 - I'm the Lion, You're Dinner!!
06 - Win!!
07 - Shirla & Goes
08 - Mountain Path
09 - Feel So Good
10 - Checkpoint
11 - Cave
12 - Jurio
13 - Afternoon at the Beach
14 - One Happy Day
15 - Captain Thomas' Feelings
16 - Who is Guilty?
17 - Happy Comrades
18 - In the Wind
19 - Little Heroes - Jurio and Chris' Great Adventure -
20 - Let's Start, OK?
21 - Coal Mine
22 - Scars of Galga
23 - Loadi
24 - Gambler
25 - Poison Swamp
26 - The White Witch Gerud - Wagon Tracks -
27 - Darts
28 - Spirit in Our Eyes - So Cruel -
29 - Sorrowful Melody
30 - Spirit in Our Eyes
31 - Before the Storm
32 - The Great Battle of Bolt
33 - A Powerful Foe!!
34 - Oh, Defeat
JDK Band Arrange Version
35 - Little Heroes - Jurio and Chris' Great Adventure -
36 - Mountain Path
37 - Love Shining Inside
Total Time:

Disc Two
Original Game Soundtrack
01 - Tell Us A Mysterious Story
02 - Waltz
03 - A Man Travelling Alone
04 - Lost Forest
05 - Ordos
06 - Ordos Cathedral
07 - With Admiration
08 - Raoul
09 - Gidna
10 - Alluring Red Eyes
11 - Badot
12 - Memories of Gagharv
13 - Dream
14 - Invasion
15 - In Memorial - Requiem -
16 - Lude Castle
17 - Dark Beasts Appear
18 - The Way of Heaven
19 - Queen Isabelle
20 - The White Witch Gerud - A Noble Spirit -
21 - Little Heroes - Beyond the Blue Sky -
22 - Demise
23 - Dulzel's Letter
24 - Love Shining Inside - Ending Version -
25 - Little Heroes
26 - Little Heroes - Winter's Coming -
27 - The White Witch of Tiraswheel
JDK Band Arrange Version
28 - Lude Castle
29 - The White Witch Gerud - A Noble Spirit -
30 - Lost Forest
31 - Heroes
Total Time:

The Legend of Heroes III has, in recent years, become the subject of much attention. The first of three titles within the "Gagharv trilogy", the game has been re-made on several platforms, including very recently on the PSP; its music, also, has had a number of upgrades and arrangements; enough, actually, to warrant the release of a "Very Best of" disc (the only other title to receive this Falcom honor was Ys, so you see how this game has also had quite an impact).

But here, we find the music in its original incarnation. The synth quality is a very real and severe drawback; it made the music very difficult to enjoy. To offer myself some form of consolation, I would say "Don't worry, it is still good in its own right. It's like owning a piece of history after all! This is the real deal!" It didn't help things much. Perhaps if I'd actually been a Japanese kid playing this game in 1994, this soundtrack would have meant more.

Take, as an example, "Sorrowful Melody" from disc one. The melody is great, but there's something so artificial about the sounds, it drowns out the meaning. For a mid-90s RPG, you would hope for higher sound quality. *Sigh*...ah well.

There is one substantial upshot to the whole ordeal, and that is that (despite the fact that "JDK Specials" exist without these tracks) this OST contains seven bonus tracks arranged by Tomohiko Kishimoto. Take note: a "JDK Band" arrangement used to mean a full rock arrangement with a band. At about this time, however, Kishimoto was left to do these things on his own, so at this point JDK Band actually meant "pretty nice synth with some guitar, arranged by the old JDK Band frontman."

However, I am still very much a fan of these tracks. They are often very light, but they are just the sound quality I had hoped to hear for the whole album. "Love Shining Inside" at the end of disc one is a good example for what I mean here. It's light, it's melodic, and it sounds great. I had hoped for more of this, but considering you can't really find these seven tracks anywhere else (a few are on Very Best of, but not all of them), perhaps this double-disc OST is worth having just for the arranged tracks? It's your call, not mine.

Regardless, like many older Falcom albums, this collection is a rare find indeed. I was fortunate enough to find it at a Japanese book store in New York City: I haven't seen it on eBay for a long time now. I wouldn't pay any enormous amount of money for it, but Falcom fans shouldn't go without owning this "piece of history", as I like to call it.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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