The Legend of Heroes IV ~ A Tear of Vermillion OST
Catalog Number: NW10102380
Released On: February 10, 2001
Composed By: Sound Team JDK
Arranged By: Sound Team JDK
Published By: Falcom
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - A Tear of Vermillion ~Memoria~
02 - A Tear of Vermillion ~Legend~
03 - Bonds ~With a Burning Passion in My Heart~
04 - Embraced by Warmth
05 - The Heretic's Attack ~The Shadow of the Dark God Okutum~
06 - Days of Peace
07 - The Village Where They Arrived One Day
08 - A Carefree Gait
09 - The Show Must Go On!
10 - Traveling on the Road of Dreams
11 - We Mustn't Be Defeated!
12 - Phildin's Capital
13 - Phildin's Castle
14 - Even Happier Comrades
15 - Run, Avin!!
16 - Frightened People
17 - Down the Road We Must Travel
18 - Down in the Den of Darkness
19 - The Maze Mambo
20 - The Shamshir Troupe
21 - High-Spirited Jason
22 - Through the Forest
23 - A Tear of Vermillion ~God's Chosen Daughter~
24 - A Busy Street Corner
25 - City of Iron ~Gia~
26 - Out of the Way!
27 - Tomorrow Shall Come
28 - At a Loss ~Gia Blues~
29 - The Rhythm of the Sea Breeze
30 - On the Ocean Wind
31 - A Tear of Vermillion ~Darling Emille~
32 - A Tear of Vermillion ~A Happy Time~
33 - Burn, Avin!!
34 - You Saved Me!
35 - A Tear of Vermillion ~Wait, Emille~
36 - Piece of Cake!
37 - Departure
38 - The Dark Priest Barias ~Raid~
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - The Holy City
02 - The Shrine ~Between Fate and Destiny~
03 - Bonds ~Sadness Overcome~
04 - Blue ~A Journey to Bring Her Home~
05 - A Hill to Die On
06 - Seeking the Truth
07 - My Name is Beldus ~Truth~
08 - The Shrine Where Beldus Sleeps
09 - Fight to the Death ~Sullied Spirits~
10 - In the Midst of Dark Clouds
11 - Inheritance of the Ancients
12 - Peat Bog
13 - Sacrifice of the Gods
14 - The Heretics' Attack ~Bolgade~
15 - Bonds ~Frozen Over~
16 - My Name is Beldus ~The Divine Sword~
17 - My Name is Beldus ~The Gathering~
18 - The End of Battle
19 - Sealed Earth
20 - Gaps in Space and Time
21 - The Dark Priest Barias ~Faith~
22 - For My Faith!
23 - Okutum's Dream
24 - A Wish So Strong ~Atonement~
25 - A Wish So Strong ~Hades~
26 - The Heart of Lutis
27 - Bonds ~Each To His Place~
28 - A Tear of Vermillion ~End Credits~
Total Time:

After a number of false starts, Falcom finally gets it right. This print of the Legend of Heroes IV OST is the third "complete" soundtrack for the game, and was released in the "Falcom Millenium Series" alongside the Ys Eternal OST. This version of the soundtrack accompanied the re-made PC and PlayStation versions of LoH IV. The music, finally, is at a high enough synth quality to be considered truly enjoyable.

The first noticeable difference between this release, the MIDI Special, and the old "Music From" album, is that this album sports a fairly different tracklist. Some tracks have been removed, some have been added (especially the new "Bonds" tracks and new versions of "A Tear of Vermillion"), and the tracks that have remained now sound infinitely better than they did on the two previous incarnations.

We can also be thankful that this soundtrack got printed in one complete set, unlike LoH III and V that got "part 1" and "part 2" prints as one-disc albums. Having the two discs together and readily available was much appreciated.

Now then, the music itself: it's really really enjoyable. The songs, which are certainly good and memorable in terms of composition, now have sounds that, while not being performed live, are pleasing to the ear. Just take a listen to track 7 of the first disc: hear that? That's the sound of decent synth and a soothing melody fitting for an RPG town theme. I'm lovin' it.

The softer songs aren't the only thing this album has going for it: oh no, the intense event and battle themes are better here than on any other LoH album (except for perhaps LoH VI). Songs such as "Run, Avin!!" or better yet, "Burn, Avin!!" are outstandingly intense, which is just what you'd expect from Falcom. Even though they aren't heavy on drums or electric guitar, they sound brilliant.

Some songs, mind you, do have a focus on electric guitar, such as "Maze Mambo." Another guitar track that I liked was the acoustic guitar work on "Gia Blues", which is a new song for LoH IV.

The really amazing thing about this soundtrack is the balance and the lack of "filler" music. I can honestly say I enjoy listening to this two disc set straight through, without skipping tracks, and without liking one disc over the other. Both discs are packed with decent music; that's a rare find indeed. Usually I say that the samples provided are the best songs I could find, but this time, that isn't the case: I could've sampled any number of other tracks and you would find yourself equally pleased with the OST. It's really that balanced.

Listening to the samples ought to "seal the deal" for you: unless a separate soundtrack is printed for the PSP release (which I doubt will happen), this is the best OST to get for LoH IV. Hunt it down by whatever means possible. Falcom may still have it in stock, or perhaps VGMWorld/CocoeBiz will have it. Hope is still on your side: go get it! There is no more discussion!

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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