The Legend of Heroes V "A Cagesong of the Ocean" OST -second part-
Catalog Number: NW10102330
Released On: March 16, 2000
Composed By: Sound Team JDK
Arranged By: Sound Team JDK
Published By: Falcom
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Hot and Cool
02 - Ripples
03 - Burning Message
04 - Shadow of Numelos
05 - Dark Sunlight [Revival]
06 - Reparations of Insanity
07 - Pitch-Black Sky
08 - Undersea Melody [Hermit] (Una)
09 - Undersea Melody [Strange World]
10 - To Touch Tomorrow
11 - Rushing to Help!
12 - Beyond the Shadows
13 - Unforgivable Troublemaker
14 - Leone Fredrik Richter "Only One World"
15 - Undersea Melody [Birth] (Una)
16 - Undersea Melody [Surfacing] (McVein Troupe & Aria)
17 - Blue Dirge (Duorlu)
18 - Dark Sunlight [Ruins]
19 - Straying From the Path
20 - Of Every Future
21 - Undersea Lullaby (Fort)
22 - A Cagesong of the Ocean Suite - Prologue [Removing the Seal]
23 - A Cagesong of the Ocean Suite - Segue [Undersea Melody]
24 - A Cagesong of the Ocean Suite - Aria [Undersea Lullaby]
25 - A Cagesong of the Ocean Suite - Finale [Leone Fredrik Richter]
26 - Feelings of Love [Last Moments]
27 - Undersea Melody [Birth] (Fort)
28 - Of Every Tomorrow ~ Leone Fredrik Richter "End Credits"
29 - Feelings of Love [And...]
30 - Leone Fredrik Richter "Theme"
Bonus Tracks
31 - The Very Picture of Health (Fort)
32 - Time Slipping From the Tree (McVein)
33 - Happy Little Birds (Una)
34 - Traveler's Prelude (McVein Troupe)
35 - Cheerful Traveler (McVein Troupe)
36 - Dancing Friends (McVein Troupe)
37 - Open Your Heart (McVein Troupe)
38 - Stardust Cantata (Complete Version)
39 - Undersea Melody (Complete Version)
Total Time:

The second half of the Legend of Heroes V OST, generally regarded as the better half, is filled with catchy melodies and good, solid songs. I don't believe they stand out among the crowd, but they are consistent, if a little redundant.

When I say "redundant", what I mean is that many of the melodies and themes from this game are reused over and over. The problem is demonstrated clearly when I tell you that tracks 6 and 20 have the same melody, yet I sampled both tracks because they were my favorite songs, not realizing that they were essentially the same song!

Further exacerbating this musical problem is that a number of tracks on this OST are well under a minute in size, allowing for a simple "blip-clip" of music that ends abruptly. I'm glad we're getting a "full OST" release by incorporating this little jingles, but I can only take so many of them before I crack.

Nonetheless, it is as I said from the beginning: there are a lot of catchy songs on here. They aren't quite memorable unless you listen to the soundtrack a lot, which is unwise considering the seemingly infinite amount of songs in the world of VGM to fill your musical palette.

While I am a raving fan of Falcom music, I think I can safely say that this soundtrack is on the lower end of Legend of Heroes music overall, even with its higher production values. The compositions simply aren't as memorable as previous titles, except for the few main themes that are reused due to their being the only spark of genius on the OST. Do yourself a favor and hunt down the Legend of Heroes VI OST instead.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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