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The Lord of the Rings Online ~Mines of Moria~ Bonus Pre-Order Soundtrack
Catalog Number: N/A
Released On: November 17, 2008
Composed By: Chance Thomas, Harry Chase, Brad Spear
Arranged By: Chance Thomas
Published By: Turbine
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

Official Shadows of Angmar Soundtrack
01 - Shadows Of Angmar
02 - Hills of the Shire
03 - Bree-land Jig
04 - The Ring-bearer Sets Forth
05 - Ride of the Nazgul
06 - Wreck and Slaughter
07 - Courage of Men
08 - Silent Hope
09 - The Nine Draw High
10 - Far Ahead the Road Has Gone
11 - Lament for Oakenshield
12 - Red Stones and Golden Leaves
13 - Fell Deeds Awake
14 - Scattered Allies
15 - Lay of the Free Peoples
16 - Autumn Ale
17 - East of the Sea
18 - The Brigand's Tale
19 - Home from the Hunt
20 - Frodo's Path
21 - The Doom of Edhelion
22 - Ruins of Old
23 - Garth Agarwen
24 - The Shadows Linger
25 - Vale of Imladris
26 - Things to Come
Bonus Tracks
27 - Baruk Khazad
28 - Down Down to Goblin-town
29 - All Other Lights
30 - Stars and Glory
31 - War Pipes
32 - Let Us Sing Together
33 - Drums in the Deep (Mines of Moria)
Total Time:

Here's a lovely joke: you buy the Mines of Moria expansion, and you get a nice little bonus CD. If you're buying the game's expansion, you probably already own the original game, so you already have that Shadows of Angmar soundtrack CD. But you think "oh goodie, now I'll have the full soundtrack for Moria as well!" Well...no, no you won't. What you'll have is the full Shadows of Angmar OST again, and a couple bonus tracks, only one of which is from Moria. Cute, right?

Granted, the Shadows of Angmar soundtrack is fantastic, and if you didn't get it with the first package (i.e., you bought some cheap standard edition with just the game disc), you now have it, and then some, with the Mines of Moria package. And the additional 7 tracks are definitely worthwhile, particularly because some of them don't appear on the larger, Moria-specific album that comes in the "Music & Art Collection."

So, if you're new to the LOTRO music scene and you want a full collection of music, you can skip the Shadows of Angmar official release, and just try to hunt down this album and the Mines of Moria Music & Art Collection. And, in my opinion, it is definitely worth looking for both of these albums. Chance Thomas is a fantastic composer, and game music enthusiasts should take every opportunity to hear his music.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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