The Lord of the Rings Online Music & Art Collection
Catalog Number: N/A
Released On: November 17, 2008
Composed By: Chance Thomas, Stephen DiGregorio
Arranged By: Chance Thomas
Published By: Turbine
Recorded At: L.A. East
Format: 1 CD

01 - The Hollin Gate
02 - Moria (A Journey in the Dark)
03 - Drums in the Deep
04 - Khazad Dum
05 - In the Darkness Bind Them
06 - Mines of Mithril
07 - The Golden Wood
08 - Archers of the Galadhrim
09 - They Are Coming
10 - Durin's Day
11 - The Falls of Nimrodel
12 - Runes of Fire
13 - We Cannot Get Out
14 - The Black Pit
15 - Flame of Udun
16 - The Shadow Lies Upon His Tomb
17 - Epilogue (The Final Doom)
Total Time:

There have been a few versions for a few soundtrack releases in the "Lord of the Rings Online" franchise. Turbine releases different CDs in different packages, in different regions. But if you want a full OST for the Mines of Moria expansion, this is the closest thing you're going to find. And if you can get this version, you'll also be granted a lovely artbook to go alongside it!

Other CDs, such as the "Mines of Moria Bonus Soundtrack," only have a couple songs from Mines of Moria tacked on to a reissue of the Shadows of Angmar OST. But here, you'll find 9 tracks from Chance Thomas, and 8 tracks from Turbine's own Stephen DiGregorio. Thomas recorded live instrumental music with the Utah Film Orchestra, and DiGregorio did some synth work. All in all, the resulting soundtrack is a wonderful blend of natural and artificial soundscapes.

You may be wondering, "with all these track titles mirroring the events of the LotR books and film, are any themes borrowed from Howard Shore's compositions for the Peter Jackson films?" The answer is a firm no. Though many of Thomas' tracks are reminiscent of what one would consider "film score," the melodies are all original. What's so astounding about this fact is that, when you listen, you're convinced that it may well have come from some sort of epic film. The music works, surprisingly, in both contexts. It would do well as film music, but it works even better in-game.

The opening track, "The Hollin Gate," and "Flame of Udun," are my favorite tracks. They are truly epic. When you think of grand-scale adventure, you can imagine these songs as the soundtrack to that adventure. If you're looking for something peaceful, something that makes masterful use of woodwinds, you'll look no further than "The Golden Wood."

After listening to this soundtrack a few times, my only conclusion is this: I hope Turbine makes more LotR Online expansions, if only so that Thomas and DiGregorio write some more music for the Lord of the Rings universe. I am pleased, but I doubt I'll ever be "satisfied" in the sense that I have heard enough.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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