The Legend of Xanadu OST
Catalog Number: KXANAOST
Released On: December 19, 2003
Composed By: Sound Team JDK
Arranged By: Sound Team JDK
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: N/A
Format: 3 CDs

Disc One
01 - Start Screen
02 - Open Sesami
03 - Peaceful Living
04 - The Spiral Stair of Hope
05 - Prologue
06 - The Beginning of the Legend
07 - Ikthia - The Summer of Youths
08 - Welcome
09 - Shop
10 - The Sleeping Cave
11 - Dawn of Makria
12 - The Awakening of the Sealed Ones
13 - One Who Disturbs the Slumber
14 - Vomit
15 - Song of Victory
16 - Theo & Melleina
17 - The Church
18 - Until We Can Meet
19 - Ship
20 - The Cave of Despair
21 - The Power of Friendship
22 - Meidouble
23 - Forever
24 - The Road to Victory
25 - Xarkas
26 - Castle Makria
27 - Trap
28 - Defeat Your Old Nemesis
29 - Jemeux Mouvais
30 - Kakos
31 - Makria in Celebration
32 - The Legend of the Wind
33 - The Evil Dragon Reborn
34 - A Deep Enigma
35 - Black Light
36 - Yeti
37 - The Ice Cave
38 - Arctic Wind
39 - Glacies
40 - New Companions
41 - Prisme
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - The Demon of the Lake
02 - Toon Temple
03 - A False God
04 - Toon
05 - The Silent Shore
06 - Attending the Royal City
07 - The Cave of Fascination
08 - A Beautiful Prize
09 - Beauty is a Crime
10 - Sophia
11 - Parthia Port
12 - The Voice of the Sacred Wind
13 - Wedding
14 - Beneath the Temple
15 - Parthia
16 - The Smile of the Breeze
17 - The Whisper of the Breeze
18 - Sophia (PSG Version)
19 - Aineas
20 - The Cursed Beauty
21 - Alexandra
22 - The Holy Sword of Legend
23 - Winds of Gried
24 - The Pirates' Song - Arios Version
25 - The Pirates' Song - Nous Version
26 - Gymnos
27 - Zead (PSG Version)
28 - Burning Saranda
29 - Lemini Drago
30 - Zead
31 - Enas
32 - Dakru
33 - Through Ice and Snow
34 - The Ice Tower
35 - A Castle Without a Master
36 - I AM Flybrute
37 - The Successor
38 - Ramabard
39 - I Hope We Can Meet
40 - Thoughts, Once More
41 - With Wind
42 - A Bird Crossing the Desert
43 - The Gods of the Four Winds
44 - Com-plex-i-ty - Pyular
45 - Harp
46 - Harp - Hearer
47 - Desert Wind
Total Time:

Disc Three
01 - Village of the Dragonflies
02 - Code of the Hero
03 - Rialla
04 - In the Name of Ishtar
05 - Power Greater than God Himself
06 - Brothers - The Blood of Aineas
07 - The Holy Spirit
08 - Wings of Pride
09 - The Silent Tower
10 - Chaotic Sanctuary
11 - The Ordeal
12 - In Search of Hope
13 - Dardandis
14 - Wings of Darkness
15 - Companions and Reunions
16 - Kleene
17 - Wings of Freedom
18 - Ending
19 - Like a Wind
20 - In the Wind
Bonus Tracks
21 - Theo & Melleina (PSG Version)
22 - Desert Wind (PSG Version)
Total Time:

Being a more-than-casual soundtrack enthusiast, I believe I know what it is that other soundtrack enthusiasts want. Furthermore, I know what common complaints are floating around about the state of videogame music, as well as the soundtracks that bring the music directly to us. One common complaint is that some games (in fact, many games) have never had an original soundtrack printed alongside of the game. Off the top of my head, a few names do come to mind: Langrisser IV, Ys IV, Breath of Fire, Illusion of Gaia, and Radical Dreamers. Another common problem is that a soundtrack claiming to be a "full" or "complete" original score will end up lacking many songs used in the game: among these culprits are Wild ARMs and Breath of Fire III, just to name a few.

The Legend of Xanadu never got an original soundtrack during the time of its release: instead, it got a "Super Arrange Version" and a "JDK Special" (which is close to an OST based on sound quality, but is not entirely the same thing as an OST).

Ten years later, the whiny VGM fanatic that wants to have everything is given the prize of the century: an absolutely complete, three disc set that contains the entirety of Legend of Xanadu music, as it existed in its original form. Isn't it exciting?!?

Oh, but wait: the music sounds terrible, because it's a good ten years old. Is it worth anything more than the label "for collectors only"? I'm not sure.

I was very excited about purchasing this three disc set because I was under the (false) impression that the music had been updated along with the game. I couldn't have been more wrong. This three disc set is the complete OST to a game that is not only a decade old, but one that also did not get treated to the high quality redbook audio that other Falcom games of its time had been given. As a result, what we find here is some pretty bland music.

Not only that: we also discover that many of these songs are the sort of "filler tracks" people like me are prone to complaining about. You may not recognize it, as I deliberately chose not to sample those sorts of songs: but trust me, they're there. Not only are they there: they are numerous, and they are irritating.

The songs that do stand out are, for the most part, songs that we have seen arranged numerous times. This means that even the better songs on this collection are found elsewhere, and where they are found elsewhere, they sound much better than what is found here.

The notable exceptions to these patterns have been sampled. I was able to find a few diamonds in the rough, including a couple of lengthy (four to five minute) tracks on disc three. Both "Dardandis" and "Wings of Darkness" are phenomenal battle themes that I have somehow failed to notice on other Legend of Xanadu albums. Could it be that no decent arrangement exists for these songs? I wouldn't know, as I have not followed this series as closely as I have with other Falcom games.

Though this soundtrack did ship as a part of Falcom Special Box 2004, it also sold separately on Falcom's site as its own item: hence the separate review. I wouldn't recommend searching for it outside of the Special Box, but if you come across it, maybe you'll enjoy it more than I did. Honestly, it is some of the worst music from Falcom I've heard in a long time: sometimes because of the synths, sometimes because of poor composition, always because there are better Falcom CDs to enjoy.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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