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Lunatic Dawn Odyssey OST

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Catalog Number: ABCA-51
Released On: January 28, 2000
Composed By: Artdink
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Absord Music Japan
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

Lunatic Dawn Odyssey
01 - A Toast to Modern Heroes
02 - The Storyteller and His Audience
03 - Sunrise
04 - Floating with the Tide of Trends
05 - Where Stories Are Told
06 - A Quiet Afternoon Wind
07 - The Price of Life
08 - City of Dust
09 - Sacred Object
10 - Stream of Solitude
11 - Disciplined Soul
12 - Joy at the Mark of the Flame
13 - Evil Messenger
14 - Noxious Ice Fissure
15 - That Which Lies There In Wait
16 - A Complication
17 - Contact
18 - Fate
19 - Light and Darkness
20 - The Road to Glory
LD2 & Supplementary Biography
21 - my hometown (Lunatic Dawn 2)
22 - sincism (Lunatic Dawn Begin the Journey Ahead)
23 - Battle (Lunatic Dawn Begin the Journey Ahead)
24 - Fairy Town (Lunatic Dawn 2)
25 - labyrinth (Lunatic Dawn Begin the Journey Ahead)
26 - bard (Lunatic Dawn Begin the Journey Ahead)
Total Time:

Let's open this review with a confession: I know next to nothing about the Lunatic Dawn series. I've done some research, and I know that Odyssey was a PS1 RPG, and that there was a sequel on PS2 called Lunatic Dawn Tempest. That's about it. Oh, and I also know a bit about the company that created the series.

Artdink: they're one eccentric little game developing company. They've also gone and hidden the identity of the composer for this particular title. Thanks a lot.

Anyway, I came around to picking up this soundtrack thanks to a track from one of the "Melody of Legend" albums that arranged some Lunatic Dawn music. I figured it was worth a listen. What are my thoughts? I'm so glad you asked!

Well, like Artdink, this music has some eccentric stuff going on. Really, really strange instruments are used. They grate on your ears, yet simultaneously they appeal to the rest of your senses. This isn't the case with every song, of course. Songs like "Sunrise" are simply peaceful and beautiful. But, to give you an example, track 12 uses some rather nasty sounds, some of which are frankly out of key. But it's exotic, and in a way, it's still quite good.

The majority of the soundtrack is very intriguing. For such an obscure title, I was pleased by the way it was scored; I can just imagine how it would work in the game (given the game was any good). I can also imagine this game putting a high value on aesthetic features, as this music would do well to enhance some sort of brilliant scenery, outdoor or indoor. Pizzicato strings, chimes, flutes, snare drums, crash cymbals, and all sorts of other instruments are used to bring the score to life.

Also, the six bonus tracks (which come from other Lunatic Dawn titles) were a nice touch. I was especially impressed with "sincism," which you can listen to by clicking on the sample audio link.

A few online stores still carry this title, including Play Asia. At least, that was the case when I wrote this review. Nab it while you still can.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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