Magna Carta II OST
Catalog Number: LACA-9170/1
Released On: November 25, 2009
Composed By: Sung-Woon Jang, Roh Hyoung Woo
Arranged By: Sung-Woon Jang, Roh Hyoung Woo
Published By: Lantis
Recorded At: Studio Vibe
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Zephyr
02 - Theme of Zephie - Orchestral Ver.
03 - Highwind Island
04 - Crisis
05 - Old Tale
06 - Voice of Nature
07 - Danger
08 - The Sights of Abazet
09 - Southern Army Headquarters
10 - The Journey Begins
11 - Pon
12 - The Northern Forces Start to Move
13 - The Rival
14 - Dreadful Sight
15 - Oldfox Canyon
16 - Get Through!
17 - Sentinel
18 - Navy Blue Marsh
19 - With You
20 - Cota Mare
21 - Undersea Tunnel
22 - Dunan Field
23 - Gloomy Moment
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Theme of Zephie - Orgel Ver.
02 - Escape
03 - Cat-Cat
04 - The Way
05 - Signs of Darkness
06 - Break Time
07 - Battle Situation
08 - The Team
09 - Ruhalt
10 - Bellfort
11 - Pax Vobis
12 - Sentinel Laboratory
13 - Spirit World
14 - Theme of Zephie - Piano Ver.
15 - Semi Final
16 - Fade
17 - Blue Sky Island
18 - Hero
19 - Last Scene
20 - A New Beginning
21 - Someday
22 - Bonus Track - OP Localizing Ver.
Total Time:

Let me tell you a story.

I got this album with admittedly low expectations. While I did somewhat enjoy the Tears of Blood soundtrack (and, from what I've heard, even some of the "Phantom of Avalanche" soundtrack), I didn't think there'd be much good music on this soundtrack. That's just based on things I'd heard about the game, as well as the bit I'd played at E3 2009.

Then, I listen to the first ten tracks of disc one, and my expectations are shattered. "Hey, this is pretty good!" Now, my expectations are high again!

Next, I listen to the rest of disc one. Maybe I shouldn't have set my expectations so high. But it's not awful music. My expectations are now on a mid-level plateau.

I pop in disc two, and what happens? The music gets worse. Now it's just generic action cues and non-melodic droning. Why, why oh why? By the end of my first listen, I had to reset my internal expectations for the album back to the low baseline where I started.

So there you have it. A roller-coaster of expectations to match a roller-coaster of musical quality. But, for the most part, this soundtrack spends more time down in valleys than up in hills. The low expectations were to be trusted.

Obviously, I wouldn't recommend this album to VGM collectors. There are a few good tracks on the album, and you can listen to most of them via the audio samples. Zephie's Theme is a good track, good enough to appear in three forms throughout the soundtrack. And there are a few battle themes that don't make me want to mute my speakers. But for the most part, I left this soundtrack feeling the way I felt before it was ever in my hands.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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